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Fr Martin Newell Sentenced To 24 Days Imprisonment

Yesterday (08/09/12) whilst answering bail at West Central Police Station, Saville Row, Fr Martin Newell was taken into custody on an old warrant relating to nonviolent anti-war resistance.he spent the night in the cells

Today Martin was taken to Highbury Magistrates Court and sentenced to 24 days imprisonment for refusing to pay a fine of £920. The fine was a result of a non-violent direct action carried out by Martin and Susan Clarkson at Northwood Military Headquarters on 29/12/08.

He said in court that he would not pay the fine as he did not want to be complicit in the wars that the British Government chooses to fight. Martin is a member of London Catholic Worker and a good friend of Veterans for Peace UK


  • Terry Griffin 13/12/2011, 15:39

    It does seem rather strange that a report published relating to the appalling events at Royal Bank of Scotland will result in…absolutely no action by anybody…but lessons have been learnt…it would seem that so many people seem to have lost all sense of reality…bust the country…walk away with millions…not pay a fine for your beliefs…jail for you Father…no justice…no justice at all…TAG