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At our AGM we voted to develop a campaign for the UK to become a permanently neutral country.

The campaign is now in development with the aim of launching nationally in November 2018.

Information can be found on the Neutral Country website, greater detail will be published over the coming months.

How can you help?

Sign up on the website:

Encourage others to sign up on the website:

Like and share the Facebook page:

Hand out Neutral Country cards:
Speak to your regional coordinator for details.

Purchase and wear Neutral Country clothing:

Neutral Country clothing

We are currently running a time limited campaign to sell Neutral Country t-shirts, sweaters and hoodies. This will help build awareness of the logo and also raises some money to cover the costs of developing the campaign.

The clothing is available until 2359 on Monday 4 December and will be dispatched in time for Christmas.

Please help the development of the campaign by buying and wearing Neutral Country clothing.

  • David Halpin FRCS 03/12/2017, 21:45

    Oh yes. What about all those jobs in the armaments industry? A study at ?Bath University showed that more jobs came from shutting down the killing and maiming machines. Even if this is not the case, the moral and legal case is overwehelming.

    • David 05/12/2017, 23:57

      We are facing a mounting campaign/conspiracy to militarise the country, starting with its children. The background includes the Royals and various “defence experts” , “terrorism experts” , top cops and , naturally, top brass. They have “sexed-up” the dossier, so that, little by little , any ethical reserve about spreading death and destruction throughout the world is lost. Aggressive,mindless and heartless , “leaders ” look only at short-term excitement and -they hope- longer term profits. It is urgent to call for resistance , and this very sensible campaign will play a part.

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