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It is 15 years since the UK & US began their attack on one of the poorest countries in the world. Thousands of Afghans fleeing the fighting that invasion created have fled to Europe to be met with walls, bigotry and reaction.

Both phases of the war there (2001 and then 2006 onwards) failed to achieve their stated ‘humanitarian’ aims. There has been no apology from Labour as there was over Iraq. There is no hint of a properly timetabled inquiry. Only silence over a sordid, hubristic little war.

A lot of my work now is on veterans of that war, but I harbour no illusions that these are the real victims of the war. Most Afghans can’t ‘go home’. They are home. Home for them is a war zone of our own creation. Or the gauntlet of fleeing to reactionary Europe.

Signed: an Afghanistan veteran and retired true believer in the insipid fantasy of Britain’s moral role in the world.

  • David Halpin FRCS 08/10/2016, 21:24

    This morning (8-10-16) on the BBC’s flagship propaganda programme Today, we had Naughtie interviewing the execrable Alan Johnson, erstwhile Home secretary in a Nu Labor government. He had written book no 3 – part autobiography, part diary of ‘political events’.

    He referred to Blair and Brown as his heroes. Thus the Luciferan BBC steadily rehabilitates these paramount war criminal and psychopaths, as well as promoting Johnson’s books which, I imagine, contain very little about legless, blinded and scarred children.
    The BBC promotes endless war and does the government bidding.

  • Glenn T MacLeod 08/10/2016, 21:30

    Britain doesn’t get involved in wars to bring about a fairer world, it wages war for control of resources and the enrichment of the entrenched Zionist cabal.

  • alan Horton 09/10/2016, 00:58

    Alan Johnson is perhaps not a man that is easy to dislike,ex postman,mild of manner, we have to pity him after this damning
    admission,he is forever diminished.
    What kind of a soul has a man who chooses to hold in such high esteem the sycophant, Antony Blair. There are such crimes that are so vast in their consequence that forgiveness is really not an option for human kind.
    Johnson may well wish to remain supportive of his former collaborator, but to hold him as a personal hero places himself beyond the pale, as well as complicit to the untold murder and suffering that we are all too familiar with.
    I endorse everything that David Halpin commented upon with regard to the BBC, the agenda is orchestrated from dawn to dusk and thereafter, they are the controller of minds in these Islands, a touch here a touch there on the tiller , it all gives the aura of balance to the coverage. Its just too easy for them.

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