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Following a successful Annual Gathering in November, we are in the midst of reorganising our social media to better get our voices out there!

In that spirit, please help us, help you, help us, by letting us know if:

1) You use social media
2) You are happy for us to be friends, buddies, twitterers, and the like.

We can’t get back to you unless you get back to us first!

So please send us a line at coord@vfpuk.org with your social media contact details or reach out to us on the social media platforms of your choice.

Links to our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo, and YouTube acounts can be found on our our home page.  #WagingPeaceInThe21stCentury

  • Eddie Carroll 02/12/2019, 10:16

    I don’t use any form of social media. My present email address is my works email. However I now have a tablet and my son will set up a personal email address for me. As soon as that is done I will send it to you for any communication.
    Does that sound like a plan?

  • Dave E Hancock 02/12/2019, 10:27

    Find Facebook a very angry place; do don’t use it. On the other hand, Twitter is much less angry, so do use it to stay in touch and gather information.

    Happy, exciting new year to all.


  • Adrian Walker 02/12/2019, 10:49

    No probs with social media, I’m a bit of an addict!.
    Mainly Facebook and I think I already follow you on there.
    Instagram and Twitter I hardly use, although I am a bit of a Youtube user.

  • Jeff bowler 02/12/2019, 11:06

    I would like to do something to help. What’s needed?

  • David Westgate 02/12/2019, 11:33

    I am not a social media user but rely on email.

  • Liz Heaton 02/12/2019, 14:22

    I use email. Twitch face book. What’s app.on this address. I have a separate account for the shop.

  • Gerry Osborne (Mr) 02/12/2019, 16:56

    I don’t have a smartphone
    I use a desktop computer at home to do Facebook
    You’ve got my email

  • Alan Chick 02/12/2019, 17:30

    I use email, whatsapp, facebook and twitter.
    On twitter I am @ChickAlan.
    Is this what you wanted?

  • Tim Everett 02/12/2019, 20:49

    I often share posts from VFP UK on fb, but dont use Twatter.

  • mike elstub 03/12/2019, 09:34

    i am on Facebook, and Whats App only, but you knowthis anyway. I tried twitter but found it annoying so left.

  • Paul Rogers 03/12/2019, 23:02

    Don’t use the social media stuff myself.
    Pen and paper now and again.
    How about phones to talk?

  • david longley 08/12/2019, 10:58

    I don’t do social media

  • les havell 11/12/2019, 14:00

    like so many people i don’t have ” social media” accounts and rely on emails …. i have convinced a friend to ” like ” your facebook page …. i’m not sure what else i can do

  • Tom Cooper 31/12/2019, 01:00

    Yes I use Facebook. (Not twitter or instagram)

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