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Front Lines International

FLISo often, we hear of war from those who have never even seen it. This October, anti-war voices are coming together from the United States, Canada, and Britain for a unique initiative, “Front Lines International”.

Front Lines International, or F.L.I. for short, is a cross-border media-based project that connects the voices of those who have experienced the “front lines” of war, whether they are former “occupiers” (soldiers, veterans, resisters), or “occupied” (Afghan, Iraqi, Palestinian, etc.).

Using social media and regular conference calling, F.L.I. is not only making connections across geographical distance, but across cultures and generations!

To launch the project, F.L.I. is embarking on a speaking tour and 3-day retreat in Canada. This will be in solidarity with U.S. war resisters currently seeking refuge in the country.

Beginning Monday, October 7, 2013, “Front Lines International” will begin embarking on a speaking tour around the Toronto area. Some of the panelists include:

Joe Glenton – former British soldier, Afghanistan veteran, journalist and author of “Soldier Box: Why I Won’t Return to the War on Terror” (Verso Books, 2013).

Suraia Sahar – Founding member of Afghans for Peace and Afghans United for Justice.

Dr. Patricia Malloy – Professor of Communications at Wilfred Laurier University, Author of “Canada/U.S. and Other Unfriendly Relations” (Palgrave Macmillan, 2012).

Graham Clumpner – Afghanistan veteran and organizer with Iraq Veterans Against the War.

Heather Linebaugh – Former intelligence analyst in the U.S. military drone program, artist, poet

Panels will also be joined by other activists within the Afghan and Iraqi communities, as well as U.S. war resisters who are currently seeking refuge in Canada.


Monday, October 7
5PM: Solidarity: Attending Idle No More
National Day of Nonviolent Action
for First Nations Rights

Tuesday, October 8
York University
7 – 9PM
Organized with the support of York Federation of Students


Wednesday, October 9
Trinity St. Pauls’ Centre
Chapel Room
7 – 9PM
Organized with the support of the Toronto Coalition to Stop the War
and Canadian Peace Alliance


Thursday, October 10
Wilfred Laurier University
12 – 2PM –Date and Time TBC
Organized with the support of the Afghan Students Association


Thursday, October 10
Homegrown Hamilton
27 King William St, Hamilton, ON L8R 1A1
7 – 9pm
Food and Drink available for order
Organized with the Support of Hamilton Coalition to Stop the War


Friday – Monday
October 11 – 14
Front Lines International
Occupier/Occupied Retreat
Caledon, Ontario



Support Front Lines, their tour and project, by visiting their Indiegogo page. As a project sponsor, Veterans for Peace has made it possible for donors in the United States to make tax-deductible contributions. And as thanks for your support, F.L.I. have some exciting gifts, including signed books, t-shirts, beautiful veteran artwork and poetry.

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