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VFP Members to feature in “Letters Home”

Shout-Letters_Home e-flyer

George Hill and Spike Pike of Veterans For Peace UK will perform and speak at “Letters Home” In Corby

Tuesday 19 May


Corby Trades and Labour Club
Stuart Road


  • Fiona Gallagher 12/05/2015, 22:46

    Good on you both Spike and George x as they say in the theatre..break a leg! Xx

  • Les 12/05/2015, 22:54

    Well done Spike and George, hope it goes well.

  • kenny williams 13/05/2015, 20:24

    Spike “The Poet” performing this… Priceless
    It`s a shame I`m almost 200 miles away or I`d be their front and centre.
    Best of luck boys, remember, “Who`s cool?” “Fronzys cool” … Be cool

    PS. What about Gus doing it? that would be inspirational to hear his thoughts.

    Kenny VFP UK

    • Gus Hales 14/05/2015, 17:31

      Hi Kenny,

      Missed you at the AGM this year mate, hope you are ok. If you are ever passing by in your truck, give us a bell in Nuneaton M6, M42, M69 and all that. All roads lead to Nuneaton.

      Funny you should mention about letters. A few years ago after my mum and dad died, I was clearing out their house and came across a bluee I had written from the Falkland Islands. I could barely remember writing it, my mother kept it, and to be honest it brought a tear to me glass eye, as all the pity and emotions of the time came flooding back. Meks yer wunder dunnit.

      • kenny williams 14/05/2015, 19:30

        Gus… Stobarts truck and trailers mate.. I run to Daventry Crick Tesco I`m at leicester services between 0900 1000 at least once a week drop me your number to manx.warrior@live.com and perhaps if your free we can have a coffee?
        PAL Bro
        Kenny VFP UK