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Militarisation of Schools – A Glimpse of the Future?

In the UK we found out last week that the number of cadet units in state schools is to increase five-fold by 2020. George Osborne said the government will pledge £50 million to create cadet forces in 500 state schools and said these would be prioritised in “less affluent areas”.

If we want to see what this policy might look like, this film produced by VFP Chicago about the militarization of the school system in Illinois is a good place to start.

  • David Marchesi 13/07/2015, 00:10

    It is signally obscene in these years when we are told to remember WW1 for the Establishment to drive people into militarism. Behind the rhetoric at the time, UK troops probably really did feel that a proper war aim was to put an end to militarism (not just German militarism) Eisenhower reminded us that those who promote war are offering not a a way of life but humanity hanging on a cross of iron. An unforgivable sell-out so disgraceful as to dishonour all who go along with the fashion .

  • Angela Kenny 13/07/2015, 17:11

    As an ex headteacher I abhor the infiltration of the military into our education system. We try hard to teach our children to think for themselves, to question, be broad minded and empathetic. The military teaches young people to act under instruction only, to obey, to not question. This goes against the grain of every educationalist. Teachers will, once again, be obliged to teach a curriculum that they have not been consulted on and compromises their position. I will try my hardest to oppose this move by George Osborne and suggest that there are far more important areas that 50 million could be spent on.

  • kenny williams 13/07/2015, 18:10

    Bro, Send me a link to the news article… My MP is getting it. Another £50 Million? add that to the £55 million that councils in the UK have been given to promote War.

    At a time when families throughout the country are BEGGING for food at food banks with cuts to benefits low paided zero hour contracts etc, these worms pull this amount of money out of thin air… Bloody Hypocrisy


  • f oneill 14/07/2015, 11:34

    Just like the warmongering white upper class British elite establishment paedophiles.
    Waken America. Your son’s, daughters and grandchildren should have their weapons trained on the “ones” who have infiltrated your government since the inception to your Declaration of Independence. Your son families sent to war to keep the 1% in the luxury they belive they are entitled to.
    Waken waken America. Your cannon fodder and the sooner you realise and understand this the better for the planet.

    • kenny williams 14/07/2015, 17:51

      I`ve said this before…
      It`s Social engineering, Soviet Subversion. It is working a treat in the US and UK.
      People are too busy watching TV and playing Video games to care about what`s really happening.
      Until, the boot goes in on their front door… Too late.


      Kenny VFP UK