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Not every soldier is serving his country,

Not every soldier swears an oath to his queen,

Not every soldier is a fully trained fighter,

Who follows convention, claims he’s morally clean,

Not every soldier agrees with the advert,

“be part of a team, be part of the best”

Not every soldier will conform to his orders,

Thank fuck there are some not afraid to protest,

Not every soldier is a gifted tactician,

Who can plan in advance for misfortunes to come,

And not every soldier can keep cool in a crisis,

Has respect for his buddy or faith in his gun.

Not every soldier wants to peace keep the planet,

Predicting the outcome, finding reasons for war,

And not every soldier craves an enemies terror,

Not every soldier wants their pain to endure,

And does every soldier want a posthumous medal,

Given the choice would he pray for his life,

Because not every soldier wants their flag covered coffins

Paraded through wiltshire in front of their wife.

Not every soldier who loses a limb,

Wants help for a hero or your false sympathy,

Not every soldier can acknowledge their nightmares,

So suffer in silence from ptsd,

Not every soldier can become a civilian,

Not every civvy knows a serviceman’s pride,

Few understand what some soldiers have been through,

The trauma that drives some to commit suicide,

Not every soldier will agree with this poem,

Each line is not written to dispel all they lose,

And many are braver than the guy who is talking,

They’ve earn’t the right to think as they choose,

And not every soldier will want me to read it,

Again i’ve no right to dispel their belief,

Because not every soldier is simply a robot,

I’m sure they would tell me i’d shat on their grief,


Not every soldier from the ranks that i served in,

Could cut through the bullshit and political lies,

Too many youngsters content with excitement,

Had neither the courage or guts to ask…



John Poet served with the British Army, he is a member of VFP UK.

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