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lennyOne year ago today, I gave you them both back,
‘Worthless trinkets’ I said, for Libya and Iraq,
There’s no pride or honour in those medals for me,
Just guilt wrapped in ribbons for worshippers to see.

I got mine for invasion and occupation of foreign land,
Dividing a country, destroying a nation, those politicians planned,
Heroes for our service, built on nothing but lies,
To rob, kill and steal, black gold was the prize.

There will come a time when you’ll realise some day,
That patriotism isn’t enough to keep your conscience at bay,
Berets and blazers at the ready, marching to remember the dead,
Drums of war beating in the background, never again you all said.

The media plays its part with the propaganda they peddle,
The military is where it starts, the myth of the ‘precious’ medal,
You wear them on your chest but they belong on the floor,
That’s why I’m a Veteran For Peace,To see an end to war.

Daniel Lenham, VFP Durham.

  • Eddie 25/11/2016, 21:47

    Thanks for a great poem! Well said!

  • Heather Speight 25/11/2016, 21:50

    More powerful words from the heart. Thank you Daniel.

  • Ross 25/11/2016, 22:01

    Lenny what a touching poem. Spot on in my opinion. Your a great poet mate

  • Kieran 25/11/2016, 22:16

    Just brilliant Lenny.

  • Edward Horgan 25/11/2016, 23:05

    I understand and agree with Daniel Lenham’s sentiments and the words of his poem. My experiences were a bit different but broadly the same. I got my medals mainly for service in the Irish Defence Forces and as a United Nations peacekeeper, so I valued them, especially the UN peacekeepers Noble Peace Prize medal that was issued to all soldiers who served on UN peace missions. Like Daniel Lenham I decided to hand back my medals to the Irish Government, not because I had decided I had not earned them, but because my Government had dishonoured and abandoned the very good work that the Irish Defence Forces had done with the UN, by actively participating in the US led wars in the Middle East by allowing US military to transit through Shannon airport. Like Daniel it was my disgust at the cowardly actions of our politicians, and the bertrayal of our politicians, not only of the Irish people, but also our government betraying our fellow human beings in the Middle East by actively participating in killing and bombing them.

  • David Marchesi 26/11/2016, 12:32

    a simple and powerful message, thank you

  • Michael Pike 27/11/2016, 21:06

    Excellent poem.

  • kenny williams 17/12/2016, 17:35

    Look at the Iraq medal. On it is the picture of Nimrod… speaks volumes.
    Medals to me always conjure the image of mutley out of “catch the pigeon” “yeah yeah yeah yeah” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8qkSe4YM7EY
    Face your fears search for the truth. Believe nothing that you hear and only half of what you see. http://www.darlingtonandstocktontimes.co.uk/news/10799200.Lone_protestor_disrupts_act_of_remembrance/


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