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The fallen never fell,
They were ripped apart by shells,
The trenches weren’t filled with glory,
Crimson painted, bloody, gory,

Bones and bodies broken by bullets,
Boys blown apart by turrets,
Faces scarred and covered in mud,
Hands shaking, covered in blood,

Eyes filled with shock and fear,
Bloodshot and covered in tears,
Horrors haunt those not to die,
Sent forward on just a lie,

The final resting place for many,
The rest returned without a penny,
Or a shilling to their name,
Killing, only a poor man’s game,

Medals pawned to feed the family,
All wars are but a tragedy,
‘Never again’ you once said,
Is the best way to honour the dead,

Just two minutes of silence,
Quickly returning to the violence
Romanticise the wars of yesterday,
‘The ultimate sacrifice’ you say.

Daniel Lenham, VFP Durham.

  • Heather Speight 21/11/2016, 22:25

    Powerful and moving words Daniel.
    Thank you.

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