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Wrap Up Trident – Mass Demo – Sat 24 Jan 2015

Saturday 24 January 2015


Horseguards Avenue,


trident protest january 2015


  • Garry 12/12/2014, 21:20

    All any, rational person needs to know about weapons of war and poverty and society as eloquently put by the best!


    Garry H

  • Gary Harriman 07/01/2015, 22:58

    Spitting Image, courtesy of the Police, said t best, all those years ago!


  • Garry 08/01/2015, 16:46

    Atomic/hydrogen bombs….the most terrifying yet brilliant act of scientific accomplishment that has blighted mankind…….


  • Garry 10/01/2015, 18:00

    The true facts about the rational for Truman`s decision to drop this terrible weapon are historically distorted to mask an uncomfortable truth.

    The weapon was not used to `save l=millions of lives and bring the war (the Pacific war) to an early end because Japan would not have surrendered as most of their major cities were destroyed by conventional weaponry anyway. Japan only surrendered when Stalin issued threats to invade.

    The weapon was used by Truman to send a clear message to those in his Cabinet and Party fringes that viewed the Russians with suspicion and hostility and reneged on agreements and understandings between FDR and Stalin prior to FDR`s death and Truman`s succession to the presidency (after the Party ousted the more moderate Harry Wallace, FDR`s VP) . The USA became a superpower at that point and the arms race and Cold War began at that time, all of which could have been avoided.

    How can any nation justify the billions required to build and own these terrible weapons when there is so much poverty, `austerity` in the host nations and the world when that money could be used for humatarian purposes and to fight battles which all of humanity must unite to defeat like climate change, alternative energy sources and poverty. Billions for weapons that are built in the hope that they will never be required or used and, if they are used on a proportionate level, could ruin life on Earth ad we know it.