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Queen & Country – Short film by Vince Chittock

Short film about the nature of warfare by Vince Chittock using the words of Iraq veteran Ben Griffin.




  • Willy Bach 05/12/2013, 01:35

    Dear Ben and friends

    Every word you spoke, every skilfully-edited frame resonates with me. A very powerful and worthy artifact of our movement – thank you.

    Willy Bach

  • Kenny Williams 10/12/2013, 12:00

    Brilliant clips, this not only captures the speech it drives it home.

    THIS HAS TO BE SHOWN AS AN INTRODUCTION FOR VFP UK EVERYWHERE straight to the point it sums up what we are about.

    Peace and Love


  • Katherine Harriman 07/03/2014, 23:49

    SPOT ON BEN! I have thought in my younger days. The United States was formed by war. They started with the native lands and people, murdering families, bullying their way, killing for resources. unfortunately it is a never ending cycle and will be only getting worse as the recourses run out.

    Thanks to the men and women like yourself, there may a chance for changes….

    Bless you

    Peace out