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Date: Friday 25 January 2019

Time: 1700

Location: Ministry of Defence

Today members of VFP London met at Trafalgar Square and after a short briefing made their way to the Ministry of Defence off Whitehall.

The aim of the action was to display the banner “War is not the solution to the problems we face in the 21st Century” as MOD workers left the building for the weekend.

We hope that our presence and the message on our banner suggest an alternative to the current defence and foreign policies enacted by those working in the MOD.

  • Angela Kenny 26/01/2019, 10:18

    As a Quaker I wholeheartedly support your quiet, dignified presence at this place. My Chelmsford Meeting support your work towards peace. Should any of you wish to come and talk to us, you would find a warm welcome ( and cake).

  • Bob Sheridan 26/01/2019, 10:58

    I whole heartedly agree, I signed up as a defender of democracy and peace, it saddens me to see the MOD and RBL are far right fascists, They have a fierce rabid hatred towards Socialism, I’ve suffered dogs abuse on social media for breaking ranks from the far right undemocratic agenda

  • David Westgate 26/01/2019, 11:25

    I too wholeheartedly support your well-targeted action. Well done.

  • David Marchesi 26/01/2019, 18:59

    high time to re-name the Ministry: “Ministry for War”. Workers who seem to think that they are working for “national defence” need to wake up to reality.Your gesture just may have started some thinking.

  • benjamin mcintosh 27/01/2019, 18:38

    As a veteran of numerous conflicts i fully support the vfp movements. I empathise with your manifesto on all levels. Keep up the movement and i hope to be able to join your ranks in person this year.

  • John Goss 27/01/2019, 23:11

    Well done to all peace activists wherever they may be. You can be proud of yourselves being proud of the movement.

  • Adrian Walker 29/01/2019, 09:17

    Nice one!

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