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In protest at yet another attack on a middle eastern country, veterans of the Gulf War, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya will discard their medals at Downing Street tomorrow.

One of the veterans, Daniel Lenham who served in the RAF from 2002 to 2014 said “In protest at the decision to bomb Syria, we will hand back medals given to us for participating in previous attacks on the Middle East.” He continued “These invasions, occupations and attacks have caused great destruction, killed hundreds of thousands of people and have led to the destruction of societies. Bombing is never a solution it is time to stop.”

David Smith who served in the Royal Green Jackets said “I want to express my utter disgust at the decision to unlawfully bomb Syria, god help all those who are likely to suffer as a result of this action. I renounce all forms of state sanctioned Warfare and Violence.” 

Kirk Sollitt who served in the Gulf War said “By bombing in Syria innocent, vulnerable sentient beings are being killed, men, woman and children. You cannot sow bloodshed and reap peace. I no longer want these medals.”

Veterans For Peace is a voluntary ex-services organisation of men and women who have served in every war that Britain has fought since WW2. We exist to convince people that war is not the answer to the problems of the 21st century.

Date – Tuesday 8 December

Time – 1pm

Location – Meet at Nelsons Column before heading to Downing Street, London

Dress – VFP Members to wear VFP Hoodies

Supporters welcome.



Daniel Lenham – served in the RAF from 2002 to 2014. He deployed on operations against Iraq and Libya.

Kirk Sollitt – served in the Royal Engineers from 1987 to 1991 and the Cheshire Regiment from 1997 to 2000. He deployed to the Gulf War and N Ireland.

Phil Mace – served in the Royal Engineers from 2006 to 2012. He deployed to Helmand Province, Afghanistan.

Dave Smith – served in the Royal Green jackets from 1975 to 1981. He deployed to Northern Ireland.


Ben Griffin, Coordinator VFP UK
07866 559 312

  • Chris McMullen 07/12/2015, 12:25

    Dear Ben,
    glad to hear there some people showing them the other side.
    Melt the metal, cast something else of it .
    Or do exactly as you plan.
    best wishes,

  • Heather 07/12/2015, 13:03

    I hope this protest gets the publicity it deserves, but somehow I doubt the mainstream media will run it. My father served patriotically in the RN 1925-1954 including all of WW2 where he was mentioned in despatches. Towards the end of his life, in 1980, he became disillusioned with the concept of war, and said to me “darling we were all hired assassins, hired by vested interests to protect their vested interests.”…..His words fuelled my desire to find alternative ways of resolving conflict, whether personally, within our families, in our communities or internationally. I wish you well in your campaign.

    • Sue 07/12/2015, 20:04

      Hi Heather,
      Just wanted to say that my 93 year old father,who served in WW2 in the RE,has also been echoing the sentiments expressed by your father.They have the wisdom of experience,we should listen to them ( as we should these contemporary veterans!!…good for them).I completely agree with you that we need to look at alternative methods of resolving these difficult situations.
      I wish the campaign well!!

      • Heather 08/12/2015, 12:32

        Thanks Sue, I wish your father well, mine would have been 106 if he was still alive. He never talked about what he saw in WW2, I’m sure most servicemen go to their graves without speaking about the horrors they witnessed. How sad that in these days of “Austerity” and poverty all around the world, there is always money for war. I am with the Veterans for Peace in spirit today and applaud their stand.

    • Sealy Diaz 07/12/2015, 20:28

      Wow very well explained it has been of the war profetiers to have people in our government to fill thier pockets ,time and yrs have young and old die while they reap the benefits of living while others suffer ! Bush Jr era for sure if think I’m wrong and u not like it but dang haliburton and others made more than well u kno some of usa then ask the parents of dying !

  • James Hall 07/12/2015, 13:54

    My greatest respect goes to these veterans, though I suspect that the warmongering media will ignore, or twist their action in some way.

    Thanks, more generally, to VFP for their campaigning efforts.

  • Edward Horgan 07/12/2015, 14:11

    I fully agree with this action for veterans to hand back their medals. I would perhaps join them in this act, except that in September 2007 I handed back my own Irish Defence Forces medals, and my United Nations Peacekeeping medals at the gates of the Irish parliamentary buildings in Dublin. I therefore no longer have any medals to hand back. This is a difficult decision for veterans to have to make, because by doing so they are admitting that the period of their life that they spent in the military was not only of little use, but it was counter productive. Handing back your medals is however an important gesture, and is an honourable and correct thing to do

  • Joe Wilkes 07/12/2015, 14:31

    Well done to all these former soldiers. Hope it gets the publicity such an action deserves.

  • Pippa 07/12/2015, 15:02

    My late father WWII vet and MC holder would be proud of you guys.

  • Karen 07/12/2015, 15:06

    Massive well done to all these former soldiers. So sorry for all those who didn’t make it too. Hope it gets the publicity such an action deserves. The medals are for your bravery though and it’s sad to see you let them go. You deserve massive respect for doing this.

  • Daniel 07/12/2015, 15:14

    No politician can know what war really means and the top brass in the Army are all privately educated, showing us again that its the people who fight for this country.

    Now is the time for us to fight for our right to be heard, good luck with your plight boys.

    • Mike Lacey 07/12/2015, 22:49

      What about the MPs who have actually been to War? Apart from them, maybe…

      • RFN Durch 08/12/2015, 17:52

        Now now Mr. Lacey I’m sure Daniel was just implying the likelihood of them being turbo mongs while they were serving.

  • dee 07/12/2015, 15:54

    You were obviously brave to be awarded the medal in the first place but this is braver and I for one am very very proud of you all

    • Gus Hales 07/12/2015, 19:01

      Please Understand Dee. You do not get medals for being brave, you get medals for complying with a corrupt system that supports the Arms trade.

      If what you are saying is true, then why does the Royal Family have more medals on their chests than half the British Army.

      • T D 08/12/2015, 15:30

        Gus, you may want to check the points you may for the falsehoods – the medals worn by the various members of the Royal Family (be it Charles, Andrew, Harry, William or those formerly like Lord Mountbatten) were earned in the same way as those of regular squaddies, sailors and airmen.

        Don’t point your ire at the Royalty who do a hell of a lot for the current, past and future armed forces of this (and other) nation, point it at the politicians with no experience of warfare outside of an office in Westminster, who don’t know the fear when Bastion went quiet for a couple of days because someone had died and comms were cut so the family knew first, yet every family was worried sick (my own included) for their father/brother/son/uncle/sister/mother/wife/daughter who was serving out there.

        • Gus Hales 09/12/2015, 15:34

          Congratulations they have your mind. If you think that Royalty is put in harms way, then you are wrong, just plain wrong. I am a Falklands Veteran and I can assure you Andrew was an Helicopter pilot out of range on the far side of the exclusion zone doing sorties between supply ships.

          Please tell me how Anne and Charles gained their chest full of medals, I would love to know.

  • Carly 07/12/2015, 15:57

    I find this very poignant. I hope that this message is heard far and wide.

  • Barry Ashworth 07/12/2015, 16:41

    thank you

  • Stella Thomas 07/12/2015, 16:47

    Bravery isn’t always fighting the enemy – this is a very, very brave act. I salute you.

  • Kevin Bennetts 07/12/2015, 17:32

    Deepest respect to you Guys, I heard Ben Griffins speech at Oxford and was impressed, having been there and done the business to no gain whatsoever you are all uniquely qualified to protest effectively.

    Of course the mainstream will be horrified but be strong be honest but above all be tenacious and you will prevail.

    Thank you on behalf of my Grandchildren for having the courage to make such a principled stand.

  • Andrew 07/12/2015, 18:19

    Total support and respect from me – very poignant gesture.

  • Caroline Evans 07/12/2015, 18:32

    I love that you are standing for peace it is so important that those who have seen the destruction of bombing civilians send this message. I stand with you all in spirit.

  • Radfax 07/12/2015, 18:33
  • M 07/12/2015, 18:56

    War medals for sale Tuesday 8th Dec 13:15 get ur bids in

  • Angela Kenny 07/12/2015, 19:33

    It takes courage and conviction to do this. I am profoundly moved and although I cannot walk with you, I shall be with you in spirit. Your actions will not go unrecognised.
    In peace.

  • tim briffa 07/12/2015, 20:08

    Real heroes. Why do you not support these soldiers Mr Cameron?

  • Barbara Scalllan 07/12/2015, 21:33

    Hi Ben

    I served 1998-2007 I will be unable to attend in person the PRIVILEGE to DISCARD my service medals

    KOSOVO 1999,
    NORTHERN IRELAND 2000-2004,
    IRAQ 2004-05,
    AFGHANISTAN 2005-06

    I will send them to David Cameron, Downing Street.


    • admin 08/12/2015, 10:09


      We will be doing this again, and again, so please join us for the next one.


    • Kris Davison 09/12/2015, 14:51

      Hi, I support yous, war in Syria is not right. If you don’t want your medal, I will be happy to take them and keep them safe. It is sad to see medal be distroyed. So if anyone wants rid of they medals please get in touch, I am a collector.
      Thanks Kris

  • Moira McSheen 07/12/2015, 21:54

    God Bless you; all and our people are in debt to you. I knew the British people would do the right thing. I’d been hoping the military would stand down and hope the US follows suit. Afer the last decades and that unconscionable vote last week, I am proud to be British today.

  • Umrana Mozley 07/12/2015, 22:08

    Respect to you all. I wonder if the war mongering media will give you guys any coverage. Best wishes to all the veterans and their supporters.

    • Moira McSheen 08/12/2015, 20:23

      So far, only the Independent has covered it and someone had to send me a link because it was nowhere to be found in the front pages. I’m still searching the other MSM

      • Barbara Scalllan 08/12/2015, 20:25

        Post the links into the comments of pages people READ facebook
        Truth Justice Peace

  • Max 07/12/2015, 22:15

    respect !! and thanks

  • Emma Clowes 07/12/2015, 22:26

    I work in a council run children’s home. Th majority of employees there are ex military. As part of our team, we have an ex-pathfinder, an army commando, a bandsman, some matelots, a naval engineer and an ex special services. None of them are in favour of airstrikes! xxxx

  • Jo Ridgers 07/12/2015, 22:33

    Excellent! Very well done! It’s so very heartwarming to see that such a thing exists. It gives me a vast amount if hope. Thank you¡

  • Michael McNeil 07/12/2015, 23:25

    It is was amazing how we went from Backslapping over the assassination of Jihadi John to the arse kicking of Paris to a “we don’t even know what happened but are going to have vote on it” to bombing so discriminatingly the ISIS oilfields that we knew as soon as the smoke cleared the political inclinations of every one of the innocent victims lying dead there.

    And all this time I never really knew what a useless BOS democracy could be. That is certainly an eye opener.

  • Willy Bach 07/12/2015, 23:28

    Throwing away our medals represents a powerful symbol against the war-mongers and the profiteering lethal industries. I am glad VFP UK is going for another round. The event should be videoed and there should be a media statement to explain why we did this, as there was last time. There should also be witnesses.

    When, not if, the mainstream pro-war ignore the event there should be letters of complaint demanding to know why they did not air the full range of public views. The BBC Charter is supposed to require this. Furthermore, the mainstream media is losing audience and becoming increasingly irrelevant – and they know it. When they fall short of our standard for truth-telling, we circumvent them and produce our own news, via facebook, twitter, this web site and others. We get the news out by persistence and hard work.

    Here in Brisbane, we have found a way to ensure all anti-war protests are documented in the State Library of Queensland archives. Here we have at least a temporary exhibition of our movement’s actions called ‘Peace and Quiet’ http://qanzac100.slq.qld.gov.au/events/peace-and-quiet – Graeme Dunstan’s posters and banners, my story and others like Vince Emanuele. Germany has a Peace Museum. http://www.museumsforpeace.org/ Could this be a good idea in Britain?

    • Moira McSheen 08/12/2015, 19:30

      This would be a great idea if UK veterans and supporters could get it going. In April of 1971, thousands of Vietnam war vets threw their medals onto the steps of the Capitol building in the US. That was the first time most of them had neer seen the horrors of war and the mindless murdering of helpless villagers. My Lai was the last straw. All left in the village were women, children and the aged and infirm. There were around 500 of them including babies. Many were forced into a ditch and shot; the village was torched and as the people ran out, they were killed. Women were gang raped and at least one was evicerated and her skin flayed off, mercifully after she was dead. As mothers tried to protect their children with their bodies, the mothers were shot and as the kids got out, they were also shot. The entire village was massacred. Only one serviceman, a platoon leader, was charged and after conviction got a slap on the wrist. Didn’t even have to go to prison. I knew a soldier who had been there and helped with the ditch shooting. He couldn’t sleep for years and it had affected his mind. The scene was repolayed over and over. I asked why he did it. He answered ‘you weren’t there; we were told we would be shot if we refused. And he would have been. He was black and in the 60s black were still hated and so he was dispensible. Anyone who has never seen the documentary ‘Sir No Sir’ can see it free on YouTube and read about the massacre on the web.

  • Chris Dugdale 07/12/2015, 23:56

    I echo others’ words in saying how profoundly moved I am in reading this. It’s such a powerful statement and impossible to dismiss as the apologist actions of terrorist sympathisers. You have my utmost respect and support; if I could be in London tomorrow in a show of solidarity, I would be proud to.

  • Jeannette 08/12/2015, 01:45

    Veterans. There can be no greater expression than expressed by those who have tasted the foul fruit of war.our men and women signed up to defend our country not pay the price for the consequences of power and greed brought on by the 1% protecting their own interests

  • billy hammett 08/12/2015, 02:22

    who now would hear the call ,
    who now would stand and fall’
    who now would yer bugle heed
    when yesterdays hero’s die in need.

    There is no just war

  • Christopher oldfield 08/12/2015, 07:26

    Whilst in iraq in 2007 I remember a young sapper disalusioned with the entire war, he signed off directly afterwards.
    His conversation and actions made me take a deeper look at it all, the whole reasoning behind what we were doing. I stupidly continued in the forces until 2012 solely for selfish reasons and a pension. All the while knowing in my mind I was in a corrupt service driven by politicians and invariably driven by commerce and the arms industry. RESPECT to you gentlemen for having such moral courage .

    • BARBARA SCALLAN 08/12/2015, 18:12

      Hi Chris

      Don’t forget the LADY SOLDIERS WHO SERVED

      • Christopher oldfield 09/12/2015, 07:29

        Ile never forget the women mate. Too many good friends who served are women.

  • arane 08/12/2015, 08:46

    I think it’s a brilliant thing you guys are doing. Make sure you film it. I’m now going to get on the phone to the BBC demanding they report it.

  • Norman Minter 08/12/2015, 08:57

    My father served in WW 2 and came back a damaged man physically and physiologically .I applaud these brave veterans.

  • Lee 08/12/2015, 09:55

    Respect to the service personnel who still know the difference between right & wrong. The good name of our military has been tarnished by the greed of our governments. The memory of service personnel who lost friends, colleagues or even their own lives protecting US should NOT be tarnished by corrupt politicians & their greed.

    The crooked 1% seem to think the military is there only to serve them. I know a few people in the army who certainly do NOT feel that way. They joined up knowing they might have to make the ultimate sacrifice, be away from family, & do one of the hardest jobs anyone can have. How the bent politicians have been able to exploit that for their own corrupt agenda simply begs belief. Shame on you David Cameron!

    Let’s hope the media run it.

  • MARGARET SPECTOR 08/12/2015, 10:19

    You are trying to save the lives of all those innocent people and the truest statement is that it is invested interests. The Media will not give it the coverage this brave demonstration deserves. I hope someone will post the whole episode on Youtube so that the people can circulate it if the Media doesn’t

  • Paul 08/12/2015, 10:27

    If you didn’t want to fight, you should not of joined the armed forces. Clue is in the name!!
    I served for 16 years and for the most of it, it was the best time of my life.
    GSM Northern Ireland
    Gulf 1
    NATO medal, former Yugoslavia
    NATO medal Kosovo

    • Moira McSheen 08/12/2015, 21:38

      They did serve and well, but didn’t sign up to bomb hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians.

  • Nicola Green 08/12/2015, 10:39

    I think your gesture is so moving and admirable. You know first hand about war and the horror and misery it causes, there cannot be any stronger statement than this. I cannot join you at 1.00 today but will be thinking of you and will join the protest against the bombing of Syria on Saturday.

    • Barbara Scalllan 08/12/2015, 20:37

      Hi Nicola




  • Sean O'Reilly 08/12/2015, 11:21

    I want to add my support to you today. It is a very powerful statement you are making by your action but also a very emotional time.
    Sean O’Reilly

  • John 08/12/2015, 12:42

    Good luck guys and girls, I know what a gut wrenching thing this must be for you. I would be willing to do this if identity could be protected.

  • Jamie 08/12/2015, 13:29

    I agree with comments re mainstream media so can we do anything to help raise awareness of this? Can pictures be sent to our email address o we can post them on FB etc? Or can you put something on this website asap so we can share links? Well done guys!

  • Mike Hastie 08/12/2015, 13:48

    I am very proud of what these veterans did. I was a Yank medic in Vietnam, and believe me every aspect of that war was an absolute lie. The most evil piece of real estate the world has ever seen is the Pentagon. All great suffering is hatched from this Empire of Death. Lying is the most powerful weapon in war, and military orders are born in this evil location. The Yanks keep coming, and it won’t be over until it’s over over there. Veterans know the lies better than anyone. You go into the military service thinking you are going to be serving humanity, and you realize you are nothing more than a Wall Street soldier for hire. Everything is a sham, and the end result is always shame for what you took part in. When I came back from Vietnam, I burned my toy soldiers that my mom kept in a shoe box. It was my great awakening.
    Mike Hastie
    Army Medic Vietnam

    • Heather 09/12/2015, 08:10

      Thank you Mike for your honest appraisal of the US military scene. I’m aware of the statistics around drug/alcohol abuse and homelessness amongst returning vets, something similar happens over here in the uk, it’s almost as if it would be better for the authorities if service personnel were to return in a body bag rather than as disillusioned ex-servicemen. My own father served patriotically in the British Royal Navy 1925-1954, inc all of WW2. He never spoke of the horrors he witnessed but towards the end of his life he became disillusioned with continuing wars. He said to me ” darling, we were all really just HIRED ASSASSINS, hired by vested interests to protect their own vested interests”. These words fuelled my desire to find alternative ways of resolving conflict, but of course those alternative ways aren’t profitable for the great military machine. I wish you well, greetings from England

  • jan bownes 08/12/2015, 14:06

    I would love to be with you all today but cannot join you due to work commitments, but I think this gesture is admirable. I asked the Labour Party to vote against this new conflict through communite work I am involved in we are still picking up the broken Ex Veterns who came home to very little care or homes. Well done my heart is with you all.

  • tim 08/12/2015, 15:57

    bless and thank you all

  • jimmy johns 08/12/2015, 16:46

    You may like to read this verse which I wrote concerning the hypocritical way that governments treat (a) the dead soldier and (b) those who survived.


    (on the unveiling of the Cenotaph in Whitehall, 1920

    “You’ve raised a marble tomb ‘To The Unknown Soldier’
    But their comrades who survived now starve on the dole – unknown.
    The grave is cold – but your charity is colder,
    we ask for bread and you’ve given us a stone.”

    Author notes

    During the great slump that followed the First World War, my father was one the many who, having survived the living hell of the trenches, now found themselves and their families struggling to survive on the breadline. Through the “Unemployed Ex-Servicemen’s League” they were campaigning (in vain) for a raise of the starvation level Dole at the same time as the Government unveiled The Cenotaph, the ‘tomb of the Unknown Soldier’ to commemorate “The Glorious Dead”. In Mathew 7-9 Jesus says “Or what man is there of you, if his son ask him for bread would give him a stone?”

    As a veteran anti-war campaigner you have all my best wishes in your protest – great stuff mates!

  • Litmus A Freeman 08/12/2015, 16:47

    So moved by and proud of what you guys are doing. You’re the REAL heroes! Trust it went well today…

    I’ve stopped paying tax since 2009 because of Her Majesty’s wars. If any of your people need info on this it starts here: http://www.projectfreeman.com/test-law.htm

    I’ve also written a few related songs you might find appropriate.

    For example ‘No Tax For War’:

    And ‘The War Dead’:

    Keep up the great work
    Peace love and freedom to you all

  • Daniel C. Lee 08/12/2015, 16:48

    Daniel C. Lee
    Royal Engineers 88-93
    Gulf War 1

    I agree with your actions entirely, Ben.

    Sadly, this evil is not going to stop.

    Research into the Illuminati, Free Masonry and
    Occult Secret Societies is necessary to understand
    the forces behind the men and women who create wars,
    their beliefs and practices.

    However, there is hope.

    I suggest reading the book: Know the future, by Tim McHyde
    It gives a timeline of Biblical prophecy.

    Best wishes

  • Emyr 08/12/2015, 17:57

    Gan y gwirion (y diniwed) y ceir y gwir. Mae’r rhain wedi profi be ‘di gwir effaith rhyfel nid fel y rhai sy’n eu gyrru yno.
    Diolch am sefyll yn erbyn grym y wasg a hyrwyddwyr rhyfel.

  • Ian Knaggs 08/12/2015, 18:06

    Good on yer …

  • Marc K 08/12/2015, 19:02

    My question is for those that have earned a pension, will you be denouncing that too??

    • John Boulton 09/12/2015, 00:12

      No Marc, we will not. When we served, we believed in what we were doing, did our jobs diligently and at potential risk for every minute that we served and in giving up the best years of our lives, we earnt those pensions. It’s not our fault that our government are liars. If you worked for any company and left because you were unhappy with the conditions or thought your employers were dishonest, would you give up your pension or previous earnings?

  • Moira McSheen 08/12/2015, 19:34

    TI was unable to post the rest of the comment so it continues: he armed services mutinied and refused to kill anyone so Nixon pulled them out and started air strikes. The US lost a war for the first time. My point is, those soldiers became determined anti-war protesters and the movement grew and joined the civilian movement. It worked. I took part, as a civilian in that movement – I had to after My Lai. My understanding is that four volunteer veterans put their medals on Downing street and bless them for having the courage to do so. So far, I can’t find anything about it in the UK mainstream media. It took place at 1pm London time. There is a another planned protest for December 12. I was touched at the repose to my post from so many of you. I’m just a civilian who lost many relatives in both World Wars – the only wars they felt were justified – and Korea. My father served in the Royal Fusiliers in Egypt, Cyprus and Lebanon. I am sickened by this nightmare the US started and for which, as a nation, we are culpable. I admire you all for what you have done and are now doing.

  • Moira McSheen 08/12/2015, 20:06

    The Independent has covered the veterans’ protest and there’s a video as well.http://ind.pn/1N9KiKR
    Not sure my badgering had anything to do with it – probably not, but I am delighted to see it.

    • Barbara Scalllan 08/12/2015, 20:19

      Hi Moira



  • Moira McSheen 08/12/2015, 21:09

    Soldier gives back his six medals back 0- sent them to David Cameron because Army culled 20,000 and he was sacked 72 hours before receiving his pension. http://bit.ly/21N1P3c

  • Mick Atkinson 08/12/2015, 22:44

    Well done Danny, Kirk Phil and Dave – and supporters who attended. I am very sorry but I do not yet have the courage to do what you gentlemen did today. I am also sorry that I was not able to just go and support anyway. What you did today was enormous for peace, and managed against all odds to make it into the Main Stream Media. I take my hat off to you and thank you for your beliefs, your courage and your comradeship. I am proud to serve with you – because what you did is really serving the people of this country.

  • babs nicgriogair 08/12/2015, 22:45

    A brave stance to take, guys. Thank you. Solidarity, b x

  • Glenn Rice 08/12/2015, 23:17

    Daniel, David, Kirk and all who align themselves to Veterans For Peace

    I saw film of your protest at Downing St today and was intensely moved by it. I’ve recently joined protests against the current criminal intervention in Syria and, like you and god know how many millions of others, I am sick of wars and the self-serving motivations that underpin them. I support the troops; not the war.

    As a civilian all I can do is lend my voice of protest to the many, but your voices are ten thousand times more powerful. I was unaware of Veterans For Peace until today, but the organisation strikes me as perhaps the most powerful protest organisation there can be. Who can argue with a battalion of peace-seeking soldiers who have put themselves forward with a degree of courage inaccessible to the majority, and who themselves faced the horror and futility of these absurd and needless wars that wrack the world on whims of corporate self-interest and the egos of individual sociopaths who call themselves prime ministers and presidents?

    I like to think we are together at the beginning of a global movement to end this insanity. I dearly hope we are. As such, I extend my fraternity and support to you, and I thank you from my heart for your gesture at Downing St today, and for your clear-eyed compassion and continuing work toward the aim that every soldier and every civilian seeks: lasting peace.

    • Gus Hales 09/12/2015, 13:36

      Hi Glenn

      Please be careful of using that term “I support the troops not the war”. It’s an oxymoron, supporting the troops is supporting the war, they are the one’s who will be the next incumbents.. It’s the equivalent of saying “I don’t support Hitler but I support the SS. By all means, question our troops, raise awareness amongst our troops and help them when they return with compassion and kindness.

      But to say you support our troops is the equivalent of saying “We support you in what you do” and therein lies the problem, WE DON’T”

      • Moira 09/12/2015, 22:52

        Gus, I think ‘supporting the troops’ means compassion for them because their intentions are honourable and admirable when they join up. Many or most over there probably have no clue as to the real reason they are there and contributing to the slaughter -which is to make rich and powerful men even more so. Their courage is to be supported. Their young lives are to be cherished. Their idealism honoured. Everyone chooses a path, many blindly and many in trust that what they’re doing is right. What we don’t support are the governments and the military-industrial complex who do not cherish these honourable young people, the mothers that bore them nor the fathers who protected them and instilled in them ideals such as love of country,decency and honour. I consult with many servicemen and women and they are good human beings who either don’t see what is really going on or don’t want to know because that knowledge will demand that they relinquish something precious – trust that we are doing the right thing and they are part of that valiant effort; The men who gave back their medals yesterday have nothing but compassion for these compatriots, I am sure. They gave up honours that one meant something and were dearly held, but now have become symbols of evil and oppression. Anyway, that’s my take on it. I don’t really have a say because I’ve never served but every make member of my family have.

  • Anne McCrossan 09/12/2015, 10:12

    Proud of you. It is true heroicism to stand up for yourself and your beliefs even when it means giving away recognition. Thank you on behalf of civilians for helping us change the idea that war is good in such a powerful and selfless way.

  • Penelope McGhie 09/12/2015, 11:56

    Truly heartend to discover Veterans for Peace and to witness your powerful rejection of war with the throwing down of medals. Your words, based on first hand experience, add even greater weight to the argument against war as an answer. I wish you all well and I know that me and my friends will share and publicise yesterdays protest, and may we all work together towards a fairer and more humane world.

  • Alex 09/12/2015, 12:45

    I have just watched Daniel Lenham`s interview on Russia Today and I doff my cap, true heroes and I hope more follow your lead.

  • Kris Davison 09/12/2015, 15:09

    Respect to all of you. It is sad to see you throwing you medals down, someone will pick them up either sell them or melt them down, I have been collecting Medel for a few years. I have seen ww1 medal been melted for the silver. Now they are gone forever. Is they no other way of doing this with out throwing your medals away.
    If you do not what your medal, I would take them a keep them safe from been melted down and been sold for profit.
    My email address K4c70@aol.com
    All the best for your campaign

    • Gus Hales 09/12/2015, 15:27

      They don’t care what happens to them, they have discarded them, do you not understand the point of the protest. These government trinkets mean nothing to these men. That’s the point, they mean nothing, nothing at all.

      • Kris Davison 09/12/2015, 17:13

        Gus I full understand what they are doing. They is no need to have a go at me.

    • Moira 09/12/2015, 22:18

      I hope that was a joke. If not, you are missing the whole point. It’s not the service these men are disgusted with it’s the current government and it’s outrageous policies. George Osborne that psychopath said the bombing of Syria including women and children – whom the military and any decent human being should be protecting – has given Britain ‘its mojo back’. So to make that point forcefully clear, they rejected something precious to them,their service medals. However even more precious that is their conscience and integrity. If you cannot understand that, you don’t deserve to be in the same room with them.

  • Mohammad Zahim 09/12/2015, 18:23

    I salute you all, you are the real heroes.

    I spent half of my life in war, I was a kid I did not do anything bad to anyone, our village was bombed I lost friends and family there. Back then I didn’t know why would anyone do this to as, I did not know the answer..

    Bombing is the worse thing ever, if you kill one terrorist you would kill ten innocent, and what do you think the the survivors of those who loose their lives would do to you?!!! We are creating 20 more terrorist for every bomb we drop.

    Do not kill in the name of democracy, democracy is to embrace not to impose.
    If they chose not to have your way of democracy and chose another way then that’s their democracy.

    Peace is the solution.

  • Darren 09/12/2015, 21:58

    These people make me laugh, what did you think would happen when you joined up, did you think you would go on exercise in some country and enjoy the adventure training, drinking and pay without being deployed to a hostile environment, I did not join for an easy time or the politicians I joined to fight for my queen and country whether I agreed with it or not. I am proud of every deployment and every rifleman I served with. This protest is a fucking joke. Grow up and get on with your lives. The government will always make discussions that are not always popular, as soldiers we get the job done and move on

  • Martha Hennessy 10/12/2015, 05:12

    Thank you Ben. I read your piece from here at Jeju Island, Korea where a naval base is built for US nuclear subs to come through. The local priest says Mass daily at the gate, so powerful.

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