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VFP UK member and D-Day Veteran Jim Radford has released his song ‘Shores of Normandy’ as a single to raise money for the Normandy Memorial Trust.  This is to build a lasting memorial for the  22,442 men who died during the D-Day landings and the Battle of Normandy.  This memorial will overlook ‘Gold Beach’ in the town of Ver-sur-Mer.  People will be able to view the beach and remains of the Mulberry Harbour.

Jim wrote the song in 1969 after a visit to the D-Day beaches.  The song tells the story of Jim’s experiences on D-Day, as the ‘galley-boy’ in the 33-man crew of a tug that was used to build the Mulberry Harbour.

Jim regularly sings at VFP UK events, especially over our events for Remembrance Weekend.  The highlight is Jim’s moving rendition of Lemmy Kilmister’s tribute to the young soldiers who fell during the Battle of the Somme, “1916”.

You can download the single via the usual digital music services that can be accessed via the Normandy Memorial Trust web site:

  • Heather Speight 27/05/2019, 10:17

    So moving. Thank you Jim.

  • Paul Steele 27/05/2019, 16:35

    Thank you yet gain Jim Radford. You are an example for us all.

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