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Veterans For Peace marked Remembrance Sunday 2019 in their traditional way, walking to the Cenotaph behind a banner saying “Never Again” and wearing sweaters bearing the words: “War is not the solution to the problems we face in the 21st Century”.

Poem “Suicide in the Trenches” read by James Florey

Song “1916” sung by Jim Radford

Wreath laid by Ben Griffin


  • Paul Steele 13/11/2019, 10:17

    It was a honour to have been able to be among the group of supporters following you again. Thank you for making it possible for us to show our remembrance in this way, respecting the original and proper message of “Never Again”

  • Mary Brown 13/11/2019, 13:29

    Thank you to the Veterans for Peace who, again, show us the true meaning of Remembrance. We owe you a great deal. We would be a better society if we listened more to you and stopped the everyday militarism that is creeping like a disease in this country. I think it is shameful how Armistice Day has been hijacked by those funding and supporting war.

  • Gerry Osborne (Mr) 13/11/2019, 13:42

    How apt that we have the final word on the matter.

  • Angela Kenny 13/11/2019, 21:02

    Sorry we weren’t able to follow in support this year. I am delighted that VFP were able to enter the cenotaph area and lay the white peace wreath unhindered by barriers and Police. This is your rightful place.

  • Vida 14/11/2019, 16:43


  • Barry HUGHES 15/11/2019, 08:20

    I went to join supporters but could not follow the advice that VPs would assemble in Whitehall Place but that was where the police placed metal-detectors and searched bags – – – so having got through I came out again and went to Tavistock Sq. where PPU (I think) had organised a ceremony. The offcial ceremony in Whitehall is entirely military in presentation and for me a “hostile environment” of regimentation symptomatic of robots!
    Full praise to those who’ve been on the front line.

  • Janette Harper 18/11/2019, 16:09

    Thanks Veterans For Peace
    The authentic voices

  • Tim Everett 23/12/2019, 05:45

    I have never served in the military myself, but I originally supported VFP UK because my old Dad served and saw action in Korea, and I know what he went through and he thinks the same as me now on all things war related and the military. Since Ben Griffin retired from VFP UK I think it will go off topic too much and lose focus, and it’s full of members that think the E.U. is just Wunderbar, a would be super state with ambitions of creating its own army! And off course many buy into the “climate change” hoax. As a Socialist I have little in common with these liberal minded people and in future won’t be wasting my time supporting VFP UK in any way, shape or form.

    • Janette Harper 23/12/2019, 10:13

      How sad!

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