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VFP ExeterOn Saturday, 4th June a number of VFP members and supporters met together in a space offered to VFP to further our aims in Exeter, Devon.

The land is conveniently located within walking distance from the city centre and consists of almost 100 acres of land and one large barn structure.The group explored ideas and potentialities and it was agreed that it was a perfect location for members within the South West to meet.

The group discussed the possibility of using this space for educational talks, retreats, festivals and camping.

The South West is a relatively pro-military area due to the high number of military bases in the region and because the armed forces find a large number of recruits here. Because of this it is important that the true nature of war and it’s devastating consequences, are discussed and brought into the open. The ideas of peaceful resolution and reconciliation need a voice.

To join VFP Exeter please email exeter@vfpuk.org.


  • Nicola Beglin 07/06/2016, 22:19

    Brilliant. I’m an Exeter supporter. And the place will be great.

  • Les 07/06/2016, 22:31

    excellent place – well done

  • Kathryn Piquette 08/06/2016, 12:35

    Excellent! Great to hear about the visit at our London meeting on Monday as well. Hope to visit soon – sounds really promising!

  • gerald conyngham 15/09/2017, 14:50

    if you are free on Remembrance sunday on nov the 12th 2017, do join Exeter Quakers at the War memorial in Northernhay Gardens , Exeter where we shall be laying a white wreath with white poppies with the agreement of the city council and the British legion. for more info contact Gerald Conyngham
    at gerald@eclipse.co.uk

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