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The following updated version of our governing document was agreed upon at our Annual General Meeting held on Friday 09 November 2018. Please click the image for a copy.

  • Norman Scarth 15/11/2018, 11:00

    I do not like VfP using the red poppy in any shape or form, particularly with the white poppy.
    The red poppy is the emblem of the Royal British Legion, which uses ‘Remembrance’ to glorify war (though a little less Jingoistic than it used to be).
    It also promotes admiration for the Armed forces (those whose purpose is to slaughter other human beings), when one of the purposes of VfP is to counter this propaganda.
    Another reason VfP should avoid all association with the RBL is the falsity of the latter. They claim to help ALL ex-servicemen, yet when I have sought their help (on several occasions), they have contemptuously turned their backs.

    • David Lawrence 15/11/2018, 13:41

      Norman, The British Legion is sitting on £350 million in assets with £35 million a year income but there are thousands of ex servicemen and a growing number of women sleeping on the streets of our cities. The chief executive of the Legion is on a salary of £120,000 a year plus benefits. It spends good money on advertising, PR consultants and worthless gestures to promote itself to make more money to pay for more PR and advertising and worthless gesturing. It’s time for the legion to move over and bring in people who will do the job it was originally set to do: that is to look after ex servicemen and women, not self egrandise its executives and ladies bountiful.

  • David Longley 15/11/2018, 11:57

    I agree completely with Norman Sscarth about this.

  • Ben Griffin 21/11/2018, 17:12

    If you want to change the Handbook then subit the change here: http://vfpuk.org/handbook-amendments/

  • Mark Geffory 27/11/2018, 15:54

    In your handbook you state “We reject military clothing and symbols”
    Do you think on the basis that you display many of your members wearing combats or service dress on your website this is slightly hypocritical?

    • Ben Griffin 28/11/2018, 15:24

      The pictures you refer to are of our members during their military service. It is a matter fact that we used to be in the military and so wore those uniforms.

      As members of VFP UK we no longer wear military clothing or symbols.

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