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On Saturday 24 June 2017, Veterans For Peace UK were in the city of York for Armed Forces Day. Members from across the country attended.

Download An Event Flyer

Daytime: https://www.facebook.com/events/113660155795915/

1000-1700 at the Quaker Meeting House, YO1 9RL

Stalls, films and speakers.

Evening: https://www.facebook.com/events/660624197470857/

1900-2300 at the New York Woking Men’s Club, YO24 1AJ

Music, poetry, food and drink.

  • Kevin O'Gara 20/05/2017, 10:24

    Hello I would like to come up and show my support for what I believe to be an important organisation. My Facebook profile does not show my service record but I was in 21 Eng regt where I served in the first gulf war and I finished my service at 59 ind cdo sqn RE
    I have a number of reasons for not having my service profile on my page but namely being my Irish connections and that I have in the past been involved in teaching skiing to Irish catholic children from Belfast
    I have been involved in the past in anti war and George bush demonstrations and did an interview on BBC radio Devon as an ex serviceman who was against the war ( I sucked at that as I tend to freeze a bit when it comes to public speaking) I am still in contact with a number of ex servicemen colleagues who hold similar views to various levels and was recommended to your site by Kieth Morris.
    Please could I order a t shirt and or a sweatshirt.
    If it is ok to come do you have any literature which states the organisations core values for if we are questioned.
    Kev (Oggy)

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