On the 10th anniversary (07/10/11) of the war in Afghanistan six peace activists blockaded the front entrance to Downing Street preventing any vehicles from leaving or entering. Red paint was poured onto the ground to symbolise the blood spilt in Afghanistan. All six were bailed to appear at West Central Police Station.

Today 08/12/11 at 0900hrs the six answered bail. Ciaron O’Reilly, Mya Evans John Lyons (VFP), and Ben Griffin (VFP) were told that there would be no further action taken. Fr Martin Newell and Chris Cole were charged with Criminal Damage and will appear at Marylebone Magistrates Court on 19/12/11 at 1000hrs .

Martin has been taken into custody on an old warrant relating to nonviolent anti-war resistanceand is due to appear in court tomoorow (09/12/11).