60 Endure Downpour to Support Manning & Assange

Around 60 people stood in solidarity with Bradley Manning outside the US Embassy this Saturday and then walked through the rain to the Ecuadorian Embassy to stand for Julian  Assange.

Bradley is facing another pre-motion hearing this week (28 – 31 Aug) at Fort Meade. This hearing will involve potential witnesses and evidentiary issues for the Article 13 motion to dismiss the case which is being heard 01-05 Oct 2012.

After standing in silence for 30 minutes Ben Griffin of VFP addressed the crowd.

He said: “The most significant piece of resistance to the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan came when a young soldier released information that the US and UK governments would rather we did not know about.

“Among the files released through Wikileaks were the Afghan War Diaries which showed the day-to-day ritual killing and torture that has been going on in Afghanistan for years.

“Then the Iraq War Logs were released. As a result of those logs we found out about thousands of people killed in Iraq by US and UK troops that we did not know about.”.

He called for continuing solidarity for both Manning and Julian Assange.

Giorgio Riva from Payday addressed the crowd. He has campaigned for years on behalf of soldiers refusing to fight. He spoke on the importance of organising internationally for Manning and Assange. Giorgio has recently recovered from a cardiac arrest, welcome back.

Those assembled then walked in loose formation to the Ecuadorian Embassy as the rain got heavier.

At the Ecuadorian Embassy we joined with the folks maintaining a 24/7 vigil in support of Julian Assange.

Please keep an eye on this website and our twitter + facebook pages for future action.

To keep up with the campaign here in the UK to free Manning and Assange you can visit wiseupaction.info