VFP to Speak in Dublin

War, Media and WikiLeaks
Public Meeting,
Thursday 6th December, 8pm
McClelland Room, Central Hotel, Dublin

Oragised by AFRI



Ben Griffin is a former British soldier who refused to return to Iraq and left the Army, citing not  only ‘illegal’ tactics of US troops and the policies of coalition forces but also that the invasion itself was contrary to international law. He is now a committed anti-war activist and an organiser with Veterans for Peace in the UK

Harry Browne is a Lecturer in the School of Media, Dublin Institute of Technology as well as an
activist and journalist. He has written ‘Hammered by the Irish’, published in 2008; and ‘The Frontman:
Bono (In the Name of Power)’, soon to be published.

Farah Mokhtareizadeh is a long-time peace activist with Voices for Creative Nonviolence; working in
Iraq, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon and most recently in Afghanistan where she assisted in the formation of
the country’s inaugural women’s journalist union. She is currently a fourth year PhD student at Trinity
College studying women’s rights in the Muslim world.

Ciaron O’Reilly is a veteran Catholic Worker, Ploughshares activist and non violent war resister. He
has served prison time in the US for disarming a B-52 bomber during the 1991 Gulf War and went on
trial in Ireland in 2006 for disarming a US warplane at Shannon Airport.