Veterans for Peace form in Ireland

Following a meeting between Edward Horgan and Ben Griffin, Veterans for Peace has formed in Ireland. Edward is a former member of the Irish Defence Forces and UN peacekeeper. He is also international secretary of the Irish Peace and Neutrality Alliance and a founding member of Shannonwatch.

Membership is open to former soldiers, sailors and airmen living in all parts of Ireland, regardless of the country they served. All members must sign up to the Statement of Purpose and Statement of Non-Violence constituted by Veterans for Peace, which was established in the United States in 1985 but whose ideals are spreading internationally.

In the interests of promoting peace within the island of Ireland and good relations with our neighbours in the UK, former members of paramilitary groups who have renounced violence are eligible to join Veterans for Peace in Ireland.

Veterans for Peace in Ireland participated today (Sunday 9 December 2012) in a Peace Vigil taking place under the auspices of Shannonwatch at Shannon airport on .

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