Shannon Airport Protest – 10 MAR 2013

Shannon peace vigil Jan 2013 5Sunday 10 March 2013

Shannon Airport, Limerick, Ireland

Around the tenth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq join with Veterans for Peace in Ireland and protest the continuing use of Shannon Airport in violation of Irish neutrality. Members of VFP outside of Ireland are invited to attend.

To find out more about the recent history of Shannon Airport click here

Latest from VFP Ireland

Veterans for Peace Ireland is still in the “setting up” stage, but good progress is being made thanks to the solidarity received from Veterans for Peace UK, and from many of our colleagues in Veterans for Peace in the USA. The setting up of an Irish Chapter of Veterans for Peace is very appropriate.

Irish people have for centuries travelled and emigrated throughout the world, especially to mainland Britain and to the United States. We tended to join armies throughout the world, often fighting
in opposing armies – “fighting in every clime, for every cause but our own” – a line from one of our rebel songs. In World War One, about 50,000 young Irishmen died in the one of the most stupid and unjustified of all wars. Next year the centenary celebrations of this war will glorify this slaughter so as to ensure that modern wars will find a plentiful supply of cannon fodder.

My own family is in many ways typical of the Irish military tradition. I served for 22 years in the Irish Defence Forces. In recent years I have been a peace activist protesting at US military use of “neutral”
Shannon airport, and the Iraq war. In 2005, one of my nephews was a Staff Sergeant serving with the US Marines in Fallujah and another of my nephews was serving as a Staff Sergeant with the Royal Air Force in Basra. During the troubles in Northern Ireland one of my brothers was an active member of Sinn Fein/IRA.

When will we ever learn that we should live and work for humanity and not be conned into dying needlessly for our respective countries? When will we ever learn that there is no justification for the wars of intervention in Vietnam, Afghanistan (by USSR and USA led coalition), Kosovo, Iraq, Libya, and in the last few days, Mali?

The Shannon airport issue is just one of the issues for which Veterans for Peace Ireland will campaign. We will campaign also for enforcing and enhancing the rule of national and international laws, including the Geneva Conventions on War, and the UN Convention Against Torture.

We cooperate actively also with other Irish peace groups, including Shannonwatch  which organises a monthly peace vigil at Shannon airport on the second Sunday of each month. Our March peace vigil will be held on Sunday 10 March, and this occasion will be used to highlight the 10th anniversary of the beginning of the Iraq War. Members of other Chapters of Veterans for Peace are very welcome if they can manage to visit Ireland and the Shannon region for this occasion.

Edward Horgan