We Need Not Go There Again by Doug Rawlings

JDGWe Need Not Go There Again
A Tribute to Jacob George

Over 100 years of
shooting into a mirror
thinking they were
squashing the other —
first the Hun, then the Nip, then the gook,
and now the sand niggers —
the old war mongers remain insatiable
in their self-delusion

Freudian analysts can’t get them off
their couches:
moral cripples
they never sense
that something is awry

How could they?
It is not the blood
of their daughters and sons
pours back into their hands
slippery with the stench
of their calculated ignorance

They will continue to
worship at the alter
of Pontius Pilate
to wash their hands
in the trough
of our passivity

until we gather in the streets
until we bring down
the walls of the Pentagon
singing the choruses
of Jacob George

By Doug Rawlings
Veterans For Peace