David Wilson to Support VFP UK through Book Sales

dw2Long time friend of Veterans For Peace UK David Wilson has pledged to donate a portion of the profit from his soon to be published book Left Field to Veterans For Peace UK.

” I have been a friend of ex-SAS trooper, Ben Griffin, ever since I attended the High Court to witness his being silenced by the British government for telling the truth about his experiences in Iraq. Today he is an ambulanceman and a leading member of Veterans for Peace UK. He reminds me of ex-soldiers I know from the Bosnian war & who I write about in “Left Field’. Like them he has become a truth-teller, whose voice needs to be heard if we are ever to get over our addiction to war. If ‘Left Field’ goes into profit, and with your help it will, I’ll hand over a portion of them to Veterans for Peace. If we don’t make a profit, I will send them some money anyway.”

To buy a copy of David’s book and support VFP UK at the same time please follow the link.