Battlefield Casualties



Write to your MP and ask them to put a stop to child recruitment in the British armed forces. You can use the online form below to send an email to your MP. However a hand-written or printed letter will get even more attention.

MPs tend to judge that a huge number of other constituents share the same concern if they receive just one letter on a certain issue.


1. Keep your letter short and concise. You can take points fromThe Facts page to support your argument.

2. Ask your MP whether they will support your call for the UK Armed Forces to stop recruiting from age 16 and to raise the minimum age for recruitment to 18, like most of the rest of the world.

3. Tell them that it is army policy to channel the youngest and poorest new recruits into the most dangerous army jobs.

4. Refer them to the Veterans for Peace briefing: ‘Army channels youngest and poorest to the front line’ by downloading this [PDF] (and attaching it to your email or print and enclose a hard copy.

5. Ask your MP to pass on your concerns to the relevant minister in the Ministry of Defence calling on them to raise the age of recruitment to 18 and to make sure that 16 and 17 year olds are not given frontline combat jobs.

6. It’d be helpful, but not essential, if you can let us (Veterans For Peace) know that you’ve sent the letter and also any reply you get.

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Address for paper letters:

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You should get a reply from the minister in two or three weeks, with a covering note from your MP. Replying to this letter can add even more pressure to the campaign and really make MPs and ministers take note, but anything you can do will help make a difference.