Today at The Royal Courts of InJustice Julian Assange was unsuccesfull in appealing against the decision to extradite him to Sweden over allegations of sexual misconduct.

Julian is being extradited in spite of the fact that no charges have been brought against him and that he has offered to speak to the Swedish prosecutor here in London.

Veterans for Peace UK alongside other activists maintained a vigil for throughout the hearing. Our aim was to give Julian support in 3D outside the court and to put this hearing in the context of the war’s in Iraq & Afghanistan.

Julian is responsible for shining a light on events in Iraq and Afghanistan that our governments would rather not let us know about, for example the Collateral Murder video. For veterans like myself he is a hero. A shrine was erected to remind us all of two young men, Bradley Manning and Michael Lyons who currently languish in prison for resisting these war’s.

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  1. occupy says:

    Julian Assange is an angel, as is Bradley Manning – thanks for Wikileaks the people can join the dots about 911 but the abundance prosperity funds to redistribute federal reserves to the people as per NESARA National economic Security & Reformation act 2000 cannot be stopped forever and the time is right and the people are ready NOW
    We are ready for supressed technologies, anti-gravity, free energy, sonic healing machines, water fuel cells, freedom from debt, servitude and patents, common laws, peace, love, joy our divine rights – free food, shelter, energy and travel – and we can do it better ourselves – we are ready, step aside, the stage is ours, BM & JA our heroes – let them be free NOW NOW NOW

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