100th Day of GITMO Hunger Strike – Solidarity Actions – 17/18 May


Friday 17 May marks the 100th day of the current hunger strike at Guantánamo Bay. More than 130 of the 166 prisoners are involved. Several dozen are being force fed and more than 10 are close to death. While the prison officials have allowed the situation to continue for so long, there have been no attempts to remedy the problem or address the prisoners’ demands.

To mark this date, groups and individuals around the world will be taking part in a weekend of action, fasting and protest around the world.

Veterans For Peace in the UK – Solidarity Actions

Friday 17 May 2013

Veterans For Peace and our supporters are asked to fast (no food) for the whole of Friday, 24 hours. Please pledge to fast here on the Code Pink website.

Saturday 18 May 2013, 1400, U.S. Embassy

Veterans For Peace in the UK to join with the good people of The London Guantánamo Campaign for a solidarity demonstration outside the U.S. Embassy.

11 years of imprisonment without charge or trial is 11 years too many. It’s time for Guantánamo Bay to close. Show your solidarity with the prisoners and their extreme hunger strike action. Make the difference that you want to see and then ask others, “what are you doing on 17-19 May?


  1. John Lynes says:

    Fasting Friday.

    1. Ben Griffin says:

      Fasting on Friday

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