On the weekend before the Trial of Bradley Manning join us outside the US Embassy.


Speakers and Artists include

Peter Tatchell – Human Rights Campaigner

Mike Lyons – Jailed War resister

Dave Rovics – Singer / Songwriter

Val Brown – London Guantanamo Campaign

Guy Smallman – Photo Journalist, Afghanistan.

John McClean – Singer / Songwriter

Lindi Carter – Wise Up Action

Giorgio Riva – Payday

Ciaron O’Reilly – London Catholic Worker

Ben Griffin – Veterans For Peace


Manning Vigil 01 03 13

Banners and placards will be supplied but please feel free to make your own.

Nearest Tube – Bond Street

Info – Call Ben on 07866 559 312

SATURDAY 1 JUNE 2013 – 1400hrs – U.S. Embassy


  1. vicky moller says:

    we will be there with young Wales to speak for their school colleague.
    we are proud of him and of any contribution his welsh education may have had.
    everyone who knew him expected great things of him and we are not disappointed.
    Thank you, we hope we would have done the same, can we reduce your pain by sharing it? at least in spirit.
    thanks mate

  2. Sam Feldman says:

    To our brothers and sisters in the UK, thank you. Your activism for the cause is inspiring us on this side of the pond.
    Sam Feldman
    VFP Miami

  3. I will be there. With my family. Thanks for the opportunity to show how we feel.

  4. Willy Bach says:

    Ben, terrific to see that London is letting the US Embassy know we are very upset with their shabby treatment of Bradley Manning. The Soviet-era show trial is a disgrace to any allegedly democratic state and any civilised society. We will be thinking of you in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and many others.

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