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What a week it has been for Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning. After the young Army whistle-blower was sentenced to an outrageous 35 years in prison, she chose to reveal her true identity, the one she has felt ever since childhood. She is a female in a male body.

“Why now?” some may ask. Bradley/Chelsea’s struggle has always been for truth and transparency. Apparently, she did not think it was a good idea to make this a full-blown issue in the midst of a military court martial. But now that the court martial is over, Chelsea wants us all to know who she is, and she is asking us to give her the respect of calling her by her chosen name.

Members of Veterans For Peace should be more than happy to comply. We will continue to fight for freedom for this courageous young whistle-blower. We will learn more about her rights as a transgender woman in prison and work to ensure her safety.

Amnesty International and the Bradley Manning Support Network, which will soon be changing its name, have launched a White House petition calling on President Obama to “Restore the United States’ human rights record and grant clemency to Pvt. Bradley Manning!”

This petition was launched immediately after sentencing and before Bradley asked to be called Chelsea. It is too late to change the wording of this petition now, as it already has been signed by over 14,000 people, of the 100,000 now required for a White House response. This also remains her legal name, for the time being.

SIGN THE WHITE HOUSE PETITION This White House petition is the most important and timely initiative, among many. We have only 26 more days to gain 86,,000 additional signatures. Please go there now and sign this petition. Ask all your friends and allies to do the same. If you are going to the White House petition site for the first time, you will be asked to register with your name, residential address and email address. Please do not be put off by this extra step or be overly concerned about your privacy (they already know where you live).

Soon Veterans For Peace will begin a letter-writing campaign to General Buchanan, to be part of a packet for sentence reduction that lawyer David Coombs will present him in November. General Buchanan’s will announce his decision in December. So you may wish to begin working on those letters. But for now, please help us get to 100,000 signatures on the White House petition.

Learn more about the petition, and share it with friends.

Go straight to the White House petition.

Wage Peace! Gerry Condon


  1. Elsa Collins says:

    Chelsea Manning did a huge service to Humanity. Exposing the truth about war crimes is a duty, it is Not
    a crime.
    Chelsea’s great courage is our inspiration.
    The people of the world and I will be grateful for ever.
    President Obama if you are on the side of the law, the truth and transparency, you should free Chelsea
    Manning now, as you promise in your Presidential Campaign to protect Whistleblowers.

  2. Chelsea Manning should not be imprisoned but the people like the Apache pilots who committed such terrible crimes. Chelsea Manning did the world a huge service – thank you so much

  3. The establishment – the Psychopaths Who Own Western Capitalism – have always sought to denigrate Bradley Manning’s motives.
    Their prime objective has been always to pretend that Manning was “psychologically unstable”, vulnerable and preyed upon by people with intentions hostile to the US.
    It’s classic projection.
    The paedophile always wants to pretend that children have courted their ‘affections’.
    The rapist always claims “she was just asking for it”.
    The Psychopath – and there is no doubt that the people behind these wars, The People Who Own Western Capitalism, are Psychopaths – has a range of “psychological instabilities”.

    They need to be TOLD that MANNING’S motives were the noblest there can be – theirs are the lowest!
    Call him Bradley or Chelsea, it makes no difference.
    If he has “psychological instabilities” they were clearly in consequence of the fact that he was troubled – as many people involved in this psychotic, capitalist enterprise are, by the criminal, anti-social, anti-life-on-earth activities that they are involved in. We are all involved to varying degrees and with all our various mechanisms to hide it from ourselves. Manning was not one to delude himself. He faced difficult conflicts. He took the noblest and most difficult course.

    OUR part in this is to NEVER let the spotlight turn on Manning.
    Never let the psychosis of the People Who Own Western Capitalism to be projected onto Manning – especially not now that he is utterly within their control with no voice to speak for himself.
    They are hostile to the rest of humanity, utterly anti-social and lacking in all the faculties of morality, introspection, compassion. They are deranged, disconnected and alien to humanity and their intentions, motives and actions are repugnant to all human beings who are still capable of consciously engaging their own humanity and connection with other human beings. Manning – as Bradley or Chelsea is one such.
    I am one such.
    I am,, like Manning, a human being still capable of conscious engagement with humanity.
    Manning’s captors disgust me to the very essence of all my being.

  4. Les says:

    I support this fully as said. Release her now. Not a plea a demand.

  5. John Lynes says:

    Chelsea Manning has earned our respect and compassion. Release her without delay.

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