Mike Lyons and Ben Griffin of Veterans For Peace (UK) give a full and frank interview to John Schumacher on PATV Iowa during their tour of the Mid West.


  1. Alex Hardman says:

    Hi Ben
    Im ex 1 Para, when I got out (following my time in NI) I was involved with Sea Action a Brighton based CND group that protested against nuclear weapons in the UK and weapon testing around the world. Im now working in education – I’m interested to hear what you think about the Troops to Teachers programme


    Perhaps we’ll meet and have a chat one day mate
    all the best

  2. Lem Genovese says:

    Ben Griffin:

         Had any free time to listen to the CD's or read a few pages of the book I gave you @ the Madison US VFP NL Convention yet ?
    1. Admin says:

      Hey Lem

      I have been reading bits of the book and I like it. I hope you get a wider publishing deal for it.

      It is several books bound into one, have you thought about separating it out into smaller books?


      1. Lem Genovese says:

        Warrior Publishing of Los Angeles will print the 2nd edition once the new manuscript gets approved.
        Each chapter is a book unto itself, that is why it is called the CHRONICLES. I understand there is a lot of ground covered,
        Most younger people have not been allowed much access to genuine information on the 2nd Indochina War and the struggles of its American veterans to reclaim their lives since returning. The process of getting PTSD recognized against the backdrop of the Civil Rights movement, the war itself and the benign neglect and sometimes open hostility towards our US VN vets needs to be shared not forgotten or pushed under the rug of contemporary society.
        Iraq and Afghan vets need to know how the public’s perception of them was drastically changed by the efforts of Vietnam vets over the past four decades. Without this sense of historical perspective, you younger vets will make it twice as hard on yourselves re-inventing the wheel.
        Sorry — this isn’t a book for a casual read. It is a personal tour guide through some pretty ugly material. I don’t expect to sell a lot of copies. I would rather do the subject matter the justice it deserves. Happy you finally replied after so many months. Have pretty much given up on VFP. Not a good fit for all concerned. I don’t do sing alongs
        and refuse to dumb down my music just to be popular.

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