Fast on Fridays – Solidarity with Guantanamo Prisoners

The attack on the World Trade Centre in New York City on the 11th of September 2001 resulted in the deaths of 2996 people.

In response to that attack, we in the west have unleashed our military might on Muslims around the world.

We have killed hundreds of thousands of people.

We have destroyed countless homes.

We have locked up 1000s of men in numerous prisons and subjected them to torture.

MurderDrone-strike-damageGitmo Flight

As of Friday 13 September in solidarity with the 166 men still held in Guantanamo Bay Naval Base and thousands more held in other prisons, members and supporters of Veterans For Peace UK will be fasting every Friday from 0600 to 1800 (no food).

Those taking part will wear an orange wristband and attempt to engage people they meet during the day about Guantanamo Bay and the wider injustices of the so called “War on Terror”.


If you would like to take part;

  1. Add your name, home town and when you will be fasting to the comments section below.
  2. Buy or make yourself an orange wristband.
  3. On Fridays fast from 0600 to 1800 (no food) wearing your orange wristband.
  4. Be ready to engage in conversation about Guantanamo Bay and the wider injustices of the so-called “War on Terror”.
  5. Email a picture of yourself wearing the wristband during your fast at an interesting place in your town to





  1. Danny Daly says:

    Crystal Palace, SE London
    Am going to start fasting from Friday 29th November 2013…..

  2. Joe Lidster says:

    Joe Lidster
    Chiang Mai,

    Fasting every Friday from 8th of November 2013.

  3. Ruth Britton says:

    Portsmouth, UK
    Fasting every Friday from 18th October

  4. Barry Heard says:

    I will be fasting.
    If only we could stop war, the manufacture of arms and have common decency as a world motto.

  5. Tina huxley says:

    They are in my thoughts and prayers.

  6. Tina huxley says:

    Tina Huxley, wrexham uk, fasting every friday from 20/9/13

  7. David says:

    David Turley
    Hackney, UK

    This is a really great idea. Im fasting today.

  8. Chris Slater says:

    Chris Slater
    Manchester, UK
    Fasting every Friday from 13 September 2013

    Easy considering no Fascist monkeys are going to force a tube up my nose into my stomach for 2 hrs at a time every 4 hrs 3 x a day

  9. Mac'lir says:

    Stevenage, UK

    Wonderful idea. I shall be fasting in Stevenage Hertfordshire.

  10. Ade Walker says:

    Ade Walker
    Worthing, UK

    Great idea. I will be fasting from the evening meal Thursday to the evening meal Fiday. No solid food inbetween. I would love to post a picture of my wrist band in an interesting place but I live in Worthing…L+R

  11. Alan Wright says:

    Alan Wright
    South London, UK

    i am in agreement with the fast, great idea, wearing a wrist band too. It is all very well. but so many people wear wrists bands these days and they often go un-noticed, why not an armband,just as easy to make and far more visual, just an idea.
    Yes i will try to speak to more people about the plight of these unjustly treated human beings and will be wearing an armband Fridays from tomorrow.

  12. Willy Bach says:

    Willy Bach
    Brisbane, Australia

    I live in Australia but have two passports. I think it is important for British people to take responsibility for the role Britain played in the US-led illegal war of aggression against the people of Iraq and the consequent taking of prisoners, amid secrecy, torture and injustice – all of which remain unresolved.

    Fasting in solidarity with the Guantanamo prisoners is entirely appropriate and should remind North American friends that what has been done and continues to be done is very wrong.

  13. John McGhie says:

    John McGhie
    Leeds, UK
    Fasting every Friday from 13 September 2013

  14. Soo Tian Lee says:

    Soo Tian Lee
    Oxford, UK (Hometown: Alor Setar, Malaysia)
    Fasting every Friday from 13 September 2013

  15. Ben Griffin says:

    Ben Griffin
    Tottenham, UK
    Fasting every Friday from 13 September 2013

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