War Poem by David Buck

David Buck


War Poem

For those with the power to send us to war,
Who Have their feet firmly on the floor,
Under their desks they cross their feet,
They can taste victory that’s oh so sweet,

They fight using other peoples kids,
While syphoning money from the highest bids,
And all the while we fight their wars,
They sit there licking their blood stained claws,

For the endless conflict in their eyes,
Promoting democracy the best money always buys,
For every hero that’s always worshipped,
All Their minds are broken, torn and ripped,

With memories of horror, battles and fights,
Some are lucky to even get read their last rites,
For all the blood, grit and pain,
They never know they died in vein,

Who knows what the next conflict offers,
All for corporations to enrich their coffers,
Politicians lay their phoney wreaths,
While round the corner another war prepares to thieve,

Near billion dollar weapons fire hell bent,
To Blow up a family in a Bedouin tent,
They are merely just collateral damage,
In the eyes of a deranged and brutal savage.

David Buck

David served in the British Army from 1997 to 2003. He deployed to Kosovo and Iraq.


  1. Kenny Williams says:

    Moving and straight from the heart my brother.

    Peace and Love


  2. David Buck says:

    Thank you for your kind words, abolishing wars in no mean feat, but we’ll give it a damn good try.

  3. Heather Speight says:

    These are powerful, disturbing and moving words. Thank you David.
    I belong to the Movement for the Abolition of War – Ben Griffin joined our committee meeting last week.
    Our two organisations agree entirely and have almosat identical aims….Let’s stay connected!

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