Solidarity with Jailed Yorkshire Regiment Soldiers

Bulford Military Court
Bulford Military Court

On 10 December 2013 at Bulford Military Court 15 soldiers from 1st Battalion the Yorkshire Regiment were jailed for disobeying an order to stand up. Another soldier awaits sentencing.

The act of resistance took place in front of 1000 people during a parade at Archers Post, a British Army Barracks in Kenya. The 16 soldiers from the battalions Recce Platoon were ordered to stand to attention but instead a ringleader (Cpl Anthony Brown) shouted ‘sit down’ and the dissenters dropped to ground in unison. The Sergeant Major yelled at the disobedient troops but they refused to stand.

It has been reported that the soldiers were fed up with their immediate commanders following incidents in Wales and Kenya. The incident in Wales arose when the men finished a 16 mile march to find their commanders sleeping off a hangover. The soldiers had stated that they were “led by muppets”.

Soldiers are often ordered to carry out tasks that are irrational (e.g. painting Land Rovers whilst it is snowing heavily). Soldiers are also ordered to carry out tasks that are immoral (e.g. detaining civilians and handing them over to be tortured). There are also times when the Officers and Senior ranks highlight the fact that it is one rule for them and another for the Junior Ranks (e.g. Officers getting drunk in their mess when the Junior ranks are confined to two cans of beer per day). Any resistance to this system takes courage and should be supported.

Please support these courageous men.

The 16 are;

Cpl Anthony Brown, sentenced to 60 days detention and discharged from the Army.
L/Cpl Steven Tidesley, sentenced to 60 days detention and reduced in rank to Private.
L/Cpl  Miles Smith, sentenced to 60 days detention and reduced in rank to Private.
Pte Michael Hassall, sentenced to 40 days detention.
Pte Grant White, sentenced to 40 days detention.
Pte Paul Jenkin, sentenced to 40 days detention.
Pte Edward Caffrey, sentenced to 40 days detention.
Pte Martin Petti, sentenced to 40 days detention.
Pte Daniel Storey, sentenced to 40 days detention.
Pte Ross McDowel, sentenced to 40 days detention.
Pte Zak Wilson, sentenced to 40 days detention.
Pte Adam Powl, sentenced to 40 days detention.
Pte Thomas White, sentenced to 40 days detention.
Pte Killian Cassidy, sentenced to 40 days detention.
Pte Robert Ball, sentenced to 40 days detention.

L/Cpl Christopher Allport will be sentenced at a future date.

You can write to them at;

Berechurch Hall Camp

You can apply to visit them by filling out the following;

Sign this petition calling for their release;


  1. Alex says:

    Hi guys Happy New year.
    Just got a letter back from Chris and it was very positive.
    Were all still very proud out here and so should you all be.
    I hope all the best for you all this year.
    This could be the fresh start you all needed.
    If any of you want to stay in contact you could message me on
    Or get my phone number from Ben.
    I know this is hard but again this is the right thing.
    Take care thank you for the letter.
    Alex Connolly.

  2. Anthony Brown says:

    Hello its Cpl Brown
    thank you for the support. The Christmas card was appreciated by me and the lads the support we have received has been a great help for us and picked up morale after being stuck in here.

  3. Kenny Williams says:

    Anyone who has been to Archers post, or as we used to call it “Archers roast”, will know how ridiculous the heat gets. Their is no wind, its like being in an oven.
    This incident just shows you how pathetic the army has got.... how dare you disobey me....WHAT?
    The lads should have not accepted this and all should say " you know what, here
    s my PVR”

    My brother collapsed due to the heat on a muster parade at nanooki camp when we where their for six weeks,
    I broke rank and went to his aid only to be humiliated by a captain….. get back in line etc etc. He`s my brother so go fxxk yourself.

    Twenty years ago common sense was used ,nothing more was said. If this had happened back in my era the csm would have got a kicking…… it simply would not have happened.
    Back then Archers Post was simply a holding area with tents ( in the middle of nowhere?) the platoons used to go out during the day and do live firing drills, bloody hard going! hot hot hot!!

    These lads must have been really peed off with him to do this.
    The CO should have dealt with this and got to bottom of it ie, the csm and his cronies, should have got a mouthful, COMMON SENSE.
    This was not just a normal rifle platoon, this was recce platoon the fittest and most switched on senior soldiers in the battalion!!
    To treat them like this is shameful and a total disrespect for them and their battalion`s reputation.
    I was in the 1st battalion the Kings own Royal borders, back then the Yorkshire regiment was in the same division as us “Kings Division” so i have close ties to this battalion.

    All I can say is “well done to the CO and the MOD”, youve just sent sixteen lads to prison just before xmas how big you must feel. Thats really going to retain them isn`t it?

    Never mind the total disgust and hurt you have just caused to their families, as if it isnt hard enough these days to serve in an infantry battalion thats over strecthed, tour after tour giving up so much.

    I hope you enjoy your xmas dinner…. no really I do, how proud you must feel on xmas day when your sitting with your loved ones opening your presents having your nice roast dinner and a few drinks knowing that all these brave soldiers are locked up.
    Youve just made me feel sick to the stomach, Im disgusted.



    Kenny Williams

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