Remembrance Sunday 2013

Short film by Reel News showing the walk to The Cenotaph and ceremony carried out by Veterans For Peace UK on Remembrance Sunday 2013.



  1. Andy says:


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  2. Respect you guys /gals..for refusing to be pawns in the rich mans Game of wealth..not freedom..have purchased one of your Hoodies from Amazon ..and promoting your cause best I can where I can …may I share a song and poem I wrote with you guys .. Oh so wrong! – Protest Song love peace and respect

  3. Kenny Williams says:

    Nice to see the footage,
    Hopefully it will be a bigger turnout next year, ( Im sure it will ).
    ll be there brothers.

    Peace and Love


  4. Willy Bach says:

    An event to remember, as DaveBrigg says, hope others will emulate this ceremony in their own way.

  5. Stan Levin says:

    Very beautiful …
    Thank you comrades ….
    blue skies calm seas and fair winds to you all …
    San Diego Chapter 91 VFP

  6. This was a day that will stay with me for the rest of my life, all i can say is I am very proud to have stood with such amazing men…. THANK YOU.

  7. DaveBrigg says:

    Very moving; dignified and respectful but with a strong and necessary message. There was a certain irony in watching the Salvation Army appear more militaristic than the veterans. I’ll share this video.

  8. Phil Shelley says:

    Amazing words, time for governments to listen

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