VFP UK at May Day London

May Day should be a VFP priority by Dan Shea (VFP Chapter 72)

International Workers’ Day
Is more than the celebration of
the Eight Hour Day and the remembrance
of the Haymarket Massacre
it is recognizing the Captains of Industry
declared War against the Working Class

Veterans For Peace
demands Peace and Justice for all
for it is the working class who are sent
to fight rich men’s wars

The warriors sent into battle are
grunts coming from the underpaid,
the unemployed, the immigrant, the poor
ponds for slaughter and killing
profits for industries of Death

Come Veterans For Peace fly your flags
support your brothers and sisters
economic justice is the cause workers
the cost war is the ruin of workers’ pay
the price their blood, sweat & tears
their children lame and dead

War is the enemy of Workers everywhere
Demand Your Rights to Organize
Demand Life over Death, End All Wars
Defend Human and Civil Rights
Defend Our Planet against an Environmental Apocalypse
Defend Immigrant Workers & their Families
Not 1 More Deportation, Not 1 More War
Not 1 More Foreclosure, Not 1 More Job Lost
Not 1 More Step Backward

For “We shall not, we shall not be moved”

by Daniel Shea 4/30/14

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  1. David Marchesi says:

    Thank you to Daniel Shea for reminding us of the essence of warfare- a hugely profitable way for the capitalist masters to distract the workers from the real struggle, of workers against “drones”.
    It is tragic but symbolic that “New Labour” has effectively abandoned this great date in the international calendar of working people- thoase who were called the proletariat, and who are still despised “plebs” for today’s Great and Good.
    “all in this together” ??!! WHO got “us ” in the mess ? that’s the sensible question as the centenary of 1914 is with us. Mr Osborne and his City friends have a very long pedigree, and will , again, not stop at war if it pays them enough.

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