False Flag Goes Unreported by John Boulton

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I am fully aware that the recent news regarding Turkish officials in Erdogan’s ‘power-elite,’ (amongst others, the Turkish foreign minister and head of the intelligence services) partaking in discussions pertaining to a ‘false flag’ attack against its own troops is yesterdays chip wrapper and then some.

You’ll forgive me however in stumbling across this little nugget so late in the day, due in no small part to the western media’s handling of the affair. All the major networks did their best to stifle what they could and spin their own skewed interpretations of the contents revealed in the leaked conversations in question.

Erdogan’s cronies were caught red-handed gassing about how best to stage an attack which would enable a retaliatory, cross-border intervention, into neighbouring Syria. Effectively, an intervention by NATO troops and more war by proxy. This type of behavior is quite simply, state sponsored terrorism. But where on earth is the public or political outcry, the calls for Turkey’s expulsion from NATO? Muted is a term that barely begins to fit the bill. However, this is the same mob currently engaged in sending weapons to Al Qaeda in Syria so we shouldn’t be surprised.

What followed in news terms was a whitewash. Turkey’s ‘democratic’ government sought to impose its ban on Facebook and Twitter. News networks elsewhere facilitated the cover-up by ignoring the leaked conversations and instead reporting the Turkish governments attack on social media.Turkey is a country that knows all about internal turmoil; it’s seems more than plausible that an occurrence such as this could well have been enough to spark some kind of  ‘peoples reaction’ and not in the least from within its own military.

Within VFP UK we work to abolish war through Education, Resistance and Solidarity. We are currently expanding the Education side of our work by training our members to run workshops in schools across the UK. I feel positive that when pupils apply what they’ve learned from us in the classroom to what they see on the evening news they will be more able to see through the spin and half truths.

John Boulton, Treasurer VFP UK


  1. Kenny Williams says:

    Ill tell ya what John,

    Stop listening to the mainstream media it`s part of the control system. Watch “RT” and “The Peoples Voice” for the real news on TV. Read alternative media sources and MAKE YOUR OWN MIND UP on whats happening.

    It`s getting worse, the control system are losing their grip and are desperate for their next war.
    “They are getting sloppy” Anyone with half a brain can see whats going on in the world, its ALL lies.

    If you take what the BBC and ITV says as the truth, then your a lost cause, watch corrie and eastenders take your mind control and worship x factor. Don`t blame me when they boot your door down.

    Peace and Love


  2. Hello, John:

    This is an interesting article, and it should come as no surprise to anyone, especially with regard to current events in OIL rich Nigeria and the latest justification for US/UK military intervention in that region and as we now involve the African continent in the geopolitical chess game for diminishing oil, gas and other natural resource acquisition

    I think that so called false flag terror plots have been around for a very long time. The events of 9/11 are also questionable and should be further investigated. As the co-signers of the ultra right wing PNAC think tank predicted in their rebuilding Americas defences ‘the global agenda they had envisioned regarding US hegemony would be a slow process, absent some cataclysmic event like a new Pearl Harbour. Less than a year later, and after Bill Clinton was out of office and G W Bush stole the election form Al Gore, that event occurred with the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan and all that followed after.

    I get my news form non corporate backed media outlets such as the Global new Network, Real News Network et all, and hardly ever pay any attention to the depiction of global events as portrayed by main stream media sources. I personally will be pleased when oil and gas, the vital underpinnings of consumer driven capitalism does peak and decline. Well be back in the stone age, and Im sure human nature will continue as it does, with new resources to fight over instead of uniting to both face common concerns that should unite us such as climate change, poverty and hunger, and not those that divide us.


    Garry Harriman
    RAF, 1987 – 2006
    VFP UK and USA
    Georgia, USA

  3. Richard Colborne says:

    Thank you V-f-P for being brave enough to publish this story.

    I found it difficult to follow, but some background to help other readers may be found here:


    And here:


    Whilst the story is reiterated here, the list of False Flag operations which follows may be of interest, as are the quotes at the end:



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