Support Dan Ashman at Trial Verdict

AshmanThe purpose of VFP UK is to work towards the abolition of war. To achieve this we focus on three areas; Education, Resistance & SolidarityOn Friday 4 July members and supporters of VFP UK, CAAT, ELAF, At Ease, LCW and others stood in Solidarity with Dan Ashman as he faced trial for blockading the 2013 Arms Fair at the Excel Centre in East London.

Dan defended himself well with the help of McKenzie friend Steven Rushton.

The verdict will be handed down tomorrow.

Solidarity Call Out;

Tuesday 8 July 2014

1330 hrs

Thames Magistrates Court, London, E3 


  1. What is/was the charge against Don Ashman?
    I see it is in a magistrates’ court. Would have hoped it would have been in a Crown Court, before a jury.
    You may or may not know that Michael Randle & Patrick Pottle, who helped George Blake escape from Wormwood Scrubs, were acquitted by a jury. As were the Peace Women who did £1,000,000 damage to Hawker Jet Fighters, having taken videos of themselves dancing on the wings. In both cases, their defence was that they were doing it to prevent a worse crime.
    Norman Scarth.

  2. Will Thomas says:

    We, NH Veterans for Peace, stand in Solidarity with Dan Ashman who was courageously trying to inform and educate people of the folly of war and of Britain’s and the US’s addiction to war and war preparation for perpetual war.

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