National Gaza Protest – Saturday 9 August










Join with VFP this Saturday and join the protest against the ongoing attack on GAZA


Timings – 1200 – 1630 HRS

Location – BBC, Portland Place then march to Hyde Park via US Embassy

VFP RV – Call / email Ben 

Organised by The Palestine Solidarity Campaign

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  1. Concerned at the attack on Gaza in 2010(?) I attended a protest march in Bradford. While at the start, I expressed the hope that there might also be a march protesting about the stoning to death of a 13 year old girl in Somalia. Because of this, aged 85 at the time, I was attacked, robbed & thrown to the ground by a young Muslim.
    Yes, I do protest at the current attack on Gaza, but I also protest at the attacks by Hamas on Israel.
    My current feeling is, ‘A Curse on Both Their Houses’.

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