NATO Protest in Newport by Gus Hales


A ring of steel has been thrown around the Welsh Cities of Newport and Cardiff as this coming week Wales plays host to the NATO summit, at the Celtic Manor Hotel and Leisure resort Newport. During this summit Cardiff castle will hold a champagne banquet while food bank queues mount in the rest of the city. Ten thousand police are being drafted in, to police what is expected to be Wales largest ever protest. This doesn’t include private security

No doubt this summit, to be attended by Barack Obama, will discuss the current situation in the Ukraine and who else the Americans and its cohorts, including the UK, can bomb in the next twelve months.  We vote these people in and we hand over our power to them. Then they fence themselves off and stick two fingers up at us, whilst indulging in boundless hedonism and decadence.

Tomorrow I will be travelling down to Newport from Nuneaton by car, then a train into Newport from Pontypool in order to attend the Newport no NATO march anyone is free to join me and welcome to stay over in Nuneaton for an early depart tomorrow. I will be representing Veterans For Peace.


  1. John Boulton says:

    Nice one Gus, wish I could be there!

  2. Vince Chittock says:

    Good Man, Kemosahbee.

  3. Kenny Williams says:

    Good man Gus,
    It sickens me mate, the 1% laughing at the dumbed down population “Useless Eaters” as they call us?
    They now realise that too many people are starting to wake up to their LIES, hence the fence and police etc, ALL at the tax payers expense. This is what happened at Watford last year during the bilderberg meeting, are people seriously not arsed that they are paying for this?
    Anyone who has not read my article Nato War Crimes please give it a glace through im going to be releasing a utube video to compliment it shortly.
    The Ukraine... I
    ll just say SCG News WATCH THE VIDEOS it shows you what has been going on from february … Its disgusting LIE AFTER LIE and ISIS...Please, another CIA lead movement put in place to put fear in everyones head so Nato can bomb Syria via the backdoor cover of this movement and continue through Iraq and into Iran. It`s been planned for decades.

    Peace and Love

    Kenny Williams VFP UK

    1. Kenny Williams says:

      Reference my last, please watch the following…

      I am up to speed on several sites, but please this guy is good and his site is by far the best for the real truth about what is really going. Subscribe for updates on your email, it will blow you away?

      Peace and love People

      Kenny Williams VFP UK

  4. Heather Speight says:

    Great that you’ve decided to go on your own if necessary
    – before knowing if others will come.
    You’re setting a good example which I hope to follow in the future!
    Hope you get some company!
    Good Luck from Durham xx

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