Silence the Drums of War by Daniel Taylor

downloadI have often felt that I must hold my tongue out of respect for former colleagues and friends, especially those that have passed away but I have come to realise that to withhold the truth would in fact be doing them a greater disservice.My grievance in this instance is directed at the Invictus games. An absolutely unbelievable, shameless PR stunt; show casing wounded, injured and sick servicemen to ease the conscience of the nation. Coining phrases like ‘Wounded Warriors’? Those men and woman are victims, brave victims of our governments corrupt foreign policy. War isn’t a game. It’s not a 2 minute silence in November, it’s not a ‘Help for Heroes’ Teddy bear in military fatigues, It’s not the latest ‘Call of Duty’; It’s real.

ezzati20100923084946590This wouldn’t sting so much had the whole event not been sponsored by Jaguar Land Rover! The very same company that manufactured the famously ill-equipped ‘Snatch Wagons’ used in Iraq and Afghanistan that claimed over 38 lives and caused untold injuries; an appalling irony. If we want to truly honour our servicemen and woman let’s start by asking REAL questions. Why are there so many Veteran suicides? Spiraling drug and alcohol misuse? An ever expanding Veteran prison population, many guilty of violent offences.

At home Islamaphobia is becoming as feverent as the hatered for the Jews in 1930’s Germany, Britian would rather concentrate on an unseen threat, many miles away in an oil rich land than on questioning the lies fed to us by the main stream media who possess no other mandate than to perpetuate the spreading of fear, to

divide us so that the wealthy may conquer us. War is a lucrative business.

Another terrible bi-product of the wars we have fought is the rise in fanatic extremism with radicalised Muslims ready to die at the drop of a hat. What conditions must these people face that would allow for such extreme measures to be taken?

RIP to all those brave, betrayed souls who have died since 2001 on operations, to the innocent casualties of war and to all those who could not cope in the aftermath, losing their own individual battles with mental health. When you’re told to ‘support the troops’ you’re being asked to turn a blind eye to these issues. Let us muffle the drums of war, give us the strength to build a positive world.

Daniel Taylor served with the Royal Artillery in Iraq he is now a member of Veterans For Peace UK



  1. Jean Andrew says:

    I read this and tears came to my eyes as this man has spoken so much truth that is in my heart and
    Thousands of others.
    Thank you to him and to the amazing guys of VFP

  2. Chris Roper says:

    Hi Daniel.
    Nice one mate !
    Well written
    Well done for speaking out …

  3. Will Thomas says:

    Agree with Barry. War is madness, it is insanity. And, it is a war crime as well as being a sin committed against humanity. We will continue our efforts to abolish war and to inform and educate people about the true costs of war. If you have not read David Swanson’s book, “War is a Lie,” I would recommend you do so. We, in New Hampshire VFP, appreciate your efforts and support you as you “speak truth to power” and work to end war.

  4. Barry Ladendorf says:


    Thanks for writing that article and pointing out the breach of trust between our governments UK and US and our people and veterans. We must stop the new war that Obama wants to launch and I assume the UK will as usual join us in the never ending misguided wars in the Middle East.

    Thanks for working with VFP and lets continue to march forward together for a more peaceful world.

    Barry Ladendorf
    National Board of Directors
    Veterans For Peace
    San Diego Chapter 91

  5. Credit to Daniel Taylor for saying what I didn’t dare to. A veteran of the Arctic Convoys of WW2, until the age of 70 I was gullible enough to march past the Cenotaph with proud bearing & glistening eye.
    FROM the age of 70 came a succession of shocks as I learned that all those who died around me (my own brave young shipmates, & the equally brave German sailors we killed) had been betrayed.
    Poppy Day is a racket, a glorification of war: It now brings a nasty taste to my mouth. Saddened though I am for the damaged young men & women, these Invicta Games have the same effect on me.
    They are suffering for their own gullibility, less excusable than mine, in that we only had the propaganda, while they have so much more information.
    Prince Harry likes to ‘Get In On The Act’. After his training, he said how anxious he was to SEE ACTION: By which he meant he was anxious to be sent somewhere – ANYWHERE – to kill someone – ANYONE – for his Grandma. .

  6. Kareem says:

    Great article, thank you.

    Terrorist armies, govenment armies, contractors whatever, they are all after your sons.

    And those that join are victims of the mother of all cons- give up your life for shite pay but you get glory.

    What to do with Glory eh? Its pretty powerful but it needs elbowing out of the human psyche or at least reframed culturally as a destroyer.

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