Veterans For Peace UK at The Cenotaph 2014

Thank you to all supporters who followed us to The Cenotaph and helped us with the singing. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Thanks to Shaun Dey and Guy Smallman of Reelnews for the excellent film and pictures

Thanks to Mick Haggerty for another flawless recital of The Last Post

For an externally written report about the weekend click HERE


  1. Dónal says:

    Who can fear peace? There is nothinng GREAT about war – oh except the killing in great numbers. Well done oh fearless people of conscience. Ain’t gonna study war no more let us study peace. Mutually assured destruction is the way of oblivion. Dónal ex soldier

  2. Willy Bach says:


    You are establishing a tradition of dignified commemoration free of all the war glorification rhetoric. It is magnificent; keep it going. Eventually your efforts will be recognised by the public at large and the mainstream media. Thank you. I will do my best to let people in Australia know this is happening and maybe we can emulate VFP UK’s efforts. There are people trying to do this. We must share our experiences.

  3. Gillian Horn says:

    Very moving. Thank you

  4. Diarmuid Breatnach says:

    Well done, all of you. Good to see the “civilians” marching in support too — I hope to see their numbers grown in years to come. I wish I had been there, the march behind my friend Jim and Aly, whom I kind of know, Ben and others I have only just met. Those who profit from war are a tiny minority and need to be exposed as such. Those who suffer from it are numbered in billions.

  5. Steve Hanken says:

    Excellent job lads! Keep up the good work of Peace and maybe we will turn this war machine around and make pruning hooks out of it yet!
    Steve Hanken
    Veterans for Peace Chapter #161
    Iowa City, Iowa USA

  6. Since I’m a Canadian with US Dog Tags, when I joined Veterans For Peace in 2003, I asked why there was no effort to create a International body of VFP. Glad to see other countries are joining the effort. Are there any efforts to have a international conference? I would like to toss in the idea to work on an issue that has been festering for 40 years in America and sits on an International border. Detroit is where the machine started US militarization was built. Today the city is bankrupt and looks like an bombed out war zone with 20 years of overgrowth. Fitting place to call attention to the cost of war and asked where did all the money go?

  7. Superb job. Honoring the fallen and exposing the cost of war. Our voices will not be silent. Cheers to our VFP-UK comrades. Hope to see many of you in San Diego for next years convention.

    Barry Ladendorf
    National Board of Directors
    Veterans For Peace
    San Diego, CA. USA

  8. On behalf of the Movement for the Abolition of War , I’d like to thank you for showing this very dignified and moving ceremony. Some of us would have definitely joined you, had we not had our own event at the Imperial War Museum – the annual Peace Lecture , given this year by Michael Morpurgo. He was wonderful. We’re just sorry it wasn’t possible to support both.
    We were , and are, with you in spirit.
    Warm Good Wishes.

  9. Alan Wright says:

    Thanks to all involved, especially the veterans.
    A very moving event and good to see the numbers up on last year too.
    The choice of that simple yet powerful song was stop on.
    WHEN WILL THEY EVER LEARN (some time very soon we hope before even one more life is wasted)
    There are none so blind that do not want to see, and there will always be some of them
    Lets hope there were some there who not involved, yet witnessed it, will be convicted by message you were sharing.

  10. Robert Wells says:

    Well Done lads.Powerful stuff. Just sorry I missed it.

  11. Adrian Walker says:

    Briiliant. Thankyou.

  12. Garry says:

    I wonder how Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz , Bolton, Pearl (and the rest of the ring neocons who unleashed hell in on the word in 2003 for oil and gas and the petro dollar and US dominance) following a highly questionable terror attack spend this day? What was going through the mind of Tony Blair as he stood there, looking into space?

    Great job VFPUK, very proud.


  13. Kevin Flatley says:

    Thank you brothers and sisters.
    Never again !

  14. Katherine says:

    Very well done. It would be great to see something like that done in Washington, and throughout the US during Veteran’s (Remembrance) day.
    Grovetown, GA US

  15. JMcGhie says:

    Great effort guys, this sort of overt display can only further the message, keep up the good work.

  16. Very effective and moving performance by Veterans For Peace UK. We in Veterans For Peace Ireland hope to add similar ceremonies to such events in Ireland over the next 4 years as officialdom continues to glorify and justify past and new wars.

  17. Bart Bolger says:

    Very moving ceremony. I think you struck the perfect balance between the tribute to the fallen and conveying the cost of war. Thank you for sharing this with all of us.
    VFP, Corvallis, Oregon, US

  18. Michael Gillespie says:

    The strongest voices, the most credible voices for peace are the voices of veterans.

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