On the 23rd of October 2014, 8 members of Veterans For Peace UK started a 4 day journey across the North of Ireland, in order to meet people and organisations drawn from communities which they had previously been deployed against as soldiers.  In the second of three films they meet with Jo Berry and Pat MageePat planted the bomb that killed Jo’s father at the 1984 Conservative Party conference in Brighton.


  1. I dedicate the above not only to all victims, in all sides. of the violence of NI, but also to the memory of Father Alec Reid, a true man of peace.

    Garry harriman

  2. How to understand the actions of others. the events of the day and to end conflict and disagreements? Of many things, it begins with empathy!

    This film is a good example of that, in what was the most tumultuous moments of the entire bizarre and sad times in NI.

  3. ED FOX says:

    You guys rock! See you in San Diego in August.

    Ed Fox, VFP San Diego

    1. Gus Hales says:

      Thanks Ed,

      The Green fields of France one of the great anti-war songs. Try these two:-

  4. Russell James says:

    I don’t want to say anything about what was said on this clip, but the words Guy Fawkes spring to mind. I do remember the hundreds of thousands of people who lost their jobs under the Thatcher dictatorship, those that lost their homes, the massive shift in wealth from all of us into the hands of a few, the destruction of British industry for a lousy few bob into the back pockets of Thatchers mates in the city. This country will probably never recover. Norman Tebbit it’s time you apologised for those lives you helped destroy.

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