Ryan Harvey – Songs and Stories from the Global Uprisings – Sunday 25 Jan

Sunday 25 January
Housmans Books

American folk singer Ryan Harvey will be performing with RAAST and Shireen at at this event organised by Veterans For Peace UK

VFP UK update to be given and merchandise for sale.

Facebook Event Page https://www.facebook.com/events/646620852113426/

Here is a video of Ryan performing at a similar VFP UK event in 2013.

RYAN HARVEY – “Songs from the Global Uprisings,” U.S.


Blending song and story, Ryan Harvey has been performing in social justice activist circles for nearly ten years, sharing the stage with many underground and mainstream performers. In the last few years he has performed in 21 countries, from Ireland to Egypt, Poland to Portugal. A member of the Riot-Folk Collective, Ryan uses his songs and energy to support various grassroots efforts for radical social change.


RAAST – English/Arabic Protest Dabke-Folk Fusion, London


Raast are a multi cultural music collective based in London performing songs of love and resisitance, blending different sounds of the world using their unique combination of traditional and contemporary instrumentation. Raast collaborate with artists from all over the world and perform songs in Arabic, English, Spanish and Portuguese.


SHIREEN – Crisis Folk, Netherlands

“I made up the name ‘Crisis Folk’ to give a name to the type of songs that I like to sing. Many crises manifest themselves in the traditional folk-songs that I like to borrow, like excessive drinking, poverty and violence. Alongside these songs, I sing about other, more contemporary crises. About Europe becoming more and more like a fortress with the ever increasing border controls and violent repression of the ‘sans-papiers’ and ‘no border’ activists. Or the damage that is done to ecosystems in search of profit. Of course these are love songs too. As you cannot fight without loving.”


  1. Lem G. says:

    would that a genuine US Vietnam & Desert Storm veteran performing songwriter be offered the same performance opportunities in the UK for VFP. Of course, that makes WAY too much sense !

    1. Admin says:

      Hey Lem

      Of course you would, let us know if you are heading over.


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