From the SAS to VFP – Tue 27 Jan 2015

Veterans for Peace mark Remembrance Sunday at the London Cenotaph. 9-11-14 The organisation of ex servicement set up to peacefully oppose war marched to the Cenotaph from trafalgar Square and laid a wreath of predominantly White poppies.Date: Tuesday 27th January 2015
Time: 2000hrs (8p.m.)
Location: Cheese and Grain, Market Yard, Frome, BA1 1BE

The UK is once again taking military action in Iraq. Ben Griffin, a former SAS solider, tells why he no longer fights for “Queen and Country”, at the January Frome Stop Wars Campaign event.

Ben served with The Parachute Regiment in Northern Ireland, Macedonia and Afghanistan, before joining the SAS. He deployed to Baghdad in January 2005, serving alongside American forces in operations to detain “high value targets” but became morally disillusioned with the war in Iraq and his role in it.

After three months in Baghdad he returned to the UK on leave and refused to return to Iraq or serve under American command.  Ben has been active in the anti-war movement since leaving the army, speaking in schools, public meetings and at protests. In 2011 he founded Veterans For Peace UK, an organisation of former servicemen/women who campaign against war and militarism to build a more peaceful future.

Tickets available on the door (£5) Proceeds to Veterans For Peace UK

Contact Cheese and Grain for details: 01373 455 420


  1. Terence Alexander Griffin says:

    Garry…it is also very proud moment for the parent of such a man as Ben…so proud of his service record…he was a top a soldier…but now he is top human being…it was very hard for him to do what he did…not at all easy…expecting to spend time in Colchester…but what did they do…an honourable discharge…and a High Court Injunction against him…but he continues to stick to his principles…and yes big oaks from little acorns do grow…TAG 🙂

  2. Alphonse Gabriel says:

    Veterans for peace ,maybe a small venture but a small thing can become large.
    All my best wishes to you all in the UK and have a nice Christmas.

  3. Garry says:

    As for Ben Griffin:

    Any person who is a soldier, I suspect, wants to be where he was with UKSF. Any person who achieves the standards to gain entry into the SAS/SBS and all related UKSF support groups get my sincere respect.

    Any person, like Ben, who leaves all of that behind because of a high moral and ethical concerns, demands even more respect. I can`t speak for Ben, but it must been an agonizing decision for him.

    What can I say about such people?

    Top bloke!

  4. Garry says:

    On a serious note:

    My own personal research on 9/11, the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) and the NECONs new geopolitical objectives for the world that could only be legal and acceptable witha cataclysmic event, like a new Pear Harbour` led me down a new path.

    After 19 years in the UK military, I firmly believe 9/11 was indeed what is called an inside job or, at the very least, permitted to happen (too many engineers, architects, pilots, ex intelligence and highly credible people) are also saying this. My belief in military power and democracy as a whole in terms if who really holds power in the wold today was forever altered.

    Oil, gas, the petro dollar, geopolitical access to resources, and ,financial institutions are key to understanding what underpins modern politics in the developed world I am a patriotic person who would never harm my nation or the one where I now live and I have nothing but praise for the Armed Forces. However, consumer driven capitalism and a reliance on fossil fuels underpinned by vulnerable fiat currency with traders who treat the global economy like a casino, all backed by a corporate media are not worth dying for!

    Garry H
    Former UK RAF and proud `conspiracy theory nut job!

    1. Terence Alexander Griffin says:

      Anybody looking at the history of America in WWII will know that America had to allow Japan to strike the first blow…they knew what was being planned…England had the Enigma machine so knew much of what Germany was planning…only they had to let some stuff happen so that the Germans did not know what was known…if that makes sense…and as for Pearl Harbor…well equals Twin Towers…the revelations in the censored CIA Inquiry shows what happened…just as the revelations by Manning led to certain actions being stopped eventually…now all that is needed is for America to close Guantanamo…and for the War Criminals to be brought to justice…TAG 🙂

    2. kenny williams says:

      Gary please look through the website “Rich planet” with Richard d Hall its what woke me up to everything 911 7-7 etc etc...
      I joined Ben because after "serving?" in the armed forces and realising that basically I
      d been lied to for years by this “puppet” government and the mainstream prestitutes that spew their vile propaganda “new world order” crap, that finally enough was enough.
      So I threw all my “war criminal” medals back at all my local scumbags at the memorial service some two years ago in front of around four hundred spectators.

      More and more armed forces personnel are realising that ALL the conflicts they are involved in are based on LIES All you have to do is read my archived article on NATO War Crimes which is to be videoed and posted online soon to see how disgusting these agents of terror are.

      Peace and Love Brother
      Kenny Williams VFP UK

  5. Garry says:


    You look like you`ve had too many emails from me in this picture!

    Garry H

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