Ben Griffin of Veterans For Peace UK on the UK involvement in torture, rendition and internment.


  1. Willy Bach says:

    Ben, what can we say?

    I can only endorse every word you have said here. It is not only the wars that are announced, the ones the British public knows about, it is also the ones that are never mentioned, the wars, deployments (whatever euphemism they can use) that are kept secret for decades, till the veterans who participated and the lying politicians with blood on their hands have died.

    Bravo, for keeping the knowledge of these crimes alive. It would be great to see you in Australia.

  2. Heather says:

    This is excellent / articulate, eloquent, clear sighted and from the heart too –
    a rare and invaluable combination!
    You deserve a mass audience, not least our politicians
    and that audience needs to hear you loud and clear! Thank you Ben !

  3. Malcolm Samuel says:

    Well spoken Ben.

    It’s a short but effective film, and it needed to be said.

    Nobody has the right to Torture anyone else, or to detain them without trial.

    We seem to feel that might is always right, but we breed Terrorism because of what we do.

  4. Katherine says:

    We can protest 24/7 and fast every Friday, write letters of the billions to senates, congress and the president, unfortunately I don’t see a change. It will take EVERY person in EVERY nation EVERY state EVERY country to stand up, UPRISE together…. TO take over….. Not to vote for president … Etc… But at least the more people everyday are opening their eyes ….. Seeing what the gov. is all about.. Thanks you Ben and all others…..

    Bless you and your followers for your work, you courage, strength to stand up for what is right!

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