British Veterans Say Scrap Trident

trident protest january 2015‘Veterans For Peace UK’ will be at the ‘Wrap up Trident’ demonstration at Westminster this Saturday, January 24th. The mass rally is being organised by the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and Action AWE, who plan to surround Parliament and the Ministry of Defence, with thousands of demonstrators from all backgrounds, to demand an end to the wasteful obscenity of Britain’s so called nuclear deterrent.

The fast growing ex-service Peace group, which includes men and women who have served in almost every theatre of war since World War 2, will meet at 11.30 outside the Ministry of Defence in Horseguards Avenue. Former SAS soldier and Veterans For Peace UK Coordinator Ben Griffin will be speaking at the demo. D-Day Veteran Jim Radford, said “Getting rid of the wasteful obscenity of Trident is our top priority in the run up to the General election. Most members of Veterans for Peace, have witnessed the cruelty and injustice of conventional conflict, that is why they have joined the Peace movement! It is abundantly clear to everyone and especially to our military commanders, that Nuclear weapons do not deter terrorists or protect us from any of the threats we currently face. No sane and decent human being can rationally support or condone the use of nuclear weapons in any circumstances. In the run up to the General Election we will make it clear to every MP and every candidate, that we will not support or vote for anyone who supports the renewal or retention of Trident Nuclear Weapons.”




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  1. Brian McCoy says:

    peace out ppl wish I could join up give it to ✌✊

  2. Veterans for Peace Ireland agree that Trident and all nuclear weapons should be scrapped.

    Perhaps we should go a step further and scrap war

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