Annual Conference 2015



Saturday 18 April 2015

1000 to 1700 hrs

The Small Hall
Friends House

Outline for the day;

1000 to 1300hrs – VFP UK Annual Meeting

1000 – Business Meeting

1100 – Schools Workshop

1200 – Armed Forces Day Workshop

1300 to 1700hrs – Public Event – Veterans For Peace in N Ireland

1330 – A Different Kind of Tour – Film by Reel News

1430 – Panel Discussion + Q&A featuring former IRA Volunteers and Veterans For Peace:

Pat Magee was arrested and convicted of planting the 1984 bomb at the Grand Hotel Brighton. Since his release following ratification of the Good Friday Agreement  Pat has worked nationally and internationally on conflict resolution projects that aim ‘to break down differences’ through ‘engagement’. This has included numerous public interactions with Jo Berry whose father was killed in the Grand Hotel.

Séanna Walsh read the statement on July 28th 2005 which ended the IRAs armed campaign. During that campaign Seanna spent 21 years in prison. This included the period of the ‘Blanket Protest’ and 1981 Hunger Strike. He later played a vital role in the 1998 Good Friday Agreement negotiations and now works as the Coiste legacy and engagement officer.

Lee Lavis was an infantry soldier in the British Army. He completed 2 operational tours of Northern Ireland during the early 1990s. After leaving the army he settled in Belfast from where he now volunteers alongside former opposing combatants as part of school, youth and community projects that seek to address the reality and legacy of conflict.

Kieran Devlin was born and raised in Northern Ireland and joined the Royal Engineers straight from school. He served in Iraq during the first Gulf War and later in NI as part of a construction squadron based in Antrim. He left the Army in 1993 and now resides in North Down with his family and is heavily involved in community work.

1600 – 1700 Time for end of conference discussions and networking as we pack up.

Stalls – VFP, Reelnews, Darren Cullen,

Rail – Euston

Tube – Euston

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  1. kenny williams says:

    What a day… fantastic people brilliant guests, I can`t wait for this years event.
    Peace and Love
    Kenny VFP UK

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