Films shot at “The Militarisation of Youth In Scotland”  event organised in Glasgow by the Resist Militarism Network.




  1. Willy Bach says:

    Dear friends

    Congratulations, very professional speeches, this is excellent anti-militarism from Britain.

  2. kenny williams says:

    I dont have facebook anymore, because of my input on the gaza genocide "Id had enough of them”. Those Israeli “Wasters” that I had the pleasure of shutting down on utube, that spewed nothing more than venom were soon silenced when they realised who they were talking to.
    As for 77 Brigade… As a former “Chindit Platoon Soldier” I like ben, have to ask the question… “Who the hell would join the armed forces to troll the likesof our site and many others to promote militarism?
    "What do you do son?" "I
    m a keyboard commando dad” WTF?
    The same thing happened to me as a young teenager. The Falklands Conflict got me and my close friends sucked into the cadet force. Annual Camps, Shooting, Survival Techniques… ALL lead us into the military.
    The government are now scared of us?… their by product of their system. How dare we speak the truth, and expose them for what they really are. Too much to talk about but ALL true in these videos well done peeps.

    PAL Kenny VFP UK

  3. Joe Lidster says:

    Good talk Ben. I was involved in recruitment in Scotland whilst in the Royal Marines. Although I didn’t end up going to primary schools, secondary schools and other youth organisations were constantly targeted by the recruitment system, free pens, sweets, rugby balls etc for the kids, as well as nicer items that were given to teachers to keep them on side.

    As mentioned I didn’t personally go into primary schools but they were visited often, a process known as ‘seed sowing’. My superior also reminded me on several occasions not to spend much time on the schools in more affluent areas as the likelihood that they would join the military was much less as they had much better prospects in terms of further education and employment. The schools in the poorer areas were always kept well stocked with information pamphlets and the little giveaways we had.

    We discussed at length in the recruitment office how The Sun newspaper and other campaigns had done wonders for the general public opinion towards the military and whenever there was a documentary glorifying the marines we always stood by for a sudden influx of recruits.

    There is no doubt whatsoever that this subtle militarisation that is gradually gaining momentum and we should take notice of its effects.

    Joe Lidster
    Member VFP UK

  4. Ben,

    Excellent presentation. Our Chicago chapter just launched a campaign against militarization in the Chicago public schools.

    peace, brother


  5. Ben, great talk. Our Chicago VFP chapter started a major campaign against militarization of the Chicago public schools. They produced an excellent video and they are launching a billboard campaign as well. We definitely need more of this in the States.

    Barry Ladendorf
    President, National Board
    Veterans For Peace

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